The story behind every Initiator in Valorant

All games have their own way of storytelling. While some use single-player story mode, others use voice lines and in-game interaction between characters to expand the lord. Valorant voice lines and occasional revelations of cinematic videos from Riot are the only sources of lore.

Valorant agents interact with each other through voice lines, showing connections between them.

Valorant’s diverse lore has piqued the interest of many players. Changes in the world of Valorant have been brought about by a mysterious resource known as radianite. It came into existence after the events of First Light, which changed this world entirely.

Radiants are individuals who came into contact with radianite (the resource) and, through mysterious circumstances, gained special powers. Radiant individuals who exhibit the required skillsets get recruited to the Valorant Protocol. This secretive organization is completely anonymous and independent in its operations.

What we know about Valorant’s Initiator agents

Before 17th June, Valorant had three Initiators on the roster. With the release of KAY/O, it is safe to say there are going to be four in Episode 3. Their main focus is to disable opponents to gain advantages in certain situations. Each agent has its lore and origin.


KAY/O is the newest addition to Valorant Protocol’s Initiator lineup and the first robotic agent added to the game. Though not much about his lore has been revealed yet, the trailer for KAY/O hinted at a connection with Reyna. The terminator robot is also on a witch hunt to kill all Radiant, while the reason for his rampage is still unknown. Equipped with various lethal ranges of utility, KAY/O is an unstoppable hunter.


Before joining Valorant Protocol, Breach was probably a Swedish mercenary who had carbon steel arms plated with titanium. His voice lines with other agents suggest he has led a life of crime and was recruited by Viper, a co-founder of Valorant Protocol.

Breach’s relationship with Brimstone has been rocky. However, Brimstone has denied these claims.


The agent’s real name is Emily, and she is an eco-warrior from Australia. Skye was recruited by Sage, who was initially hesitant about having Skye on board. Accompanied by animal spirits, Skye uses her birds to scout and a hound dog to hunt people. Her ability to heal others was probably what motivated Sage to recruit her.


Sova’s identity as a hunter is known among every player who plays Valorant. In Slovak or Czech, Sova means Owl. Sova is beloved because of his honesty and openness but has some issues with Cypher. It is still unknown how Cypher feels about Sova.

Sova is well acquainted with the mirror versions of agents, as his dialogue suggests he has met his mirror version before. There have also been mentions of Sova traveling through rifts before, but more information on rifts is still not known.

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