The Wasted Lands Listing On Kucoin, A Step Farther To Come One Of The Leading Metaverse Games

According to a report by wax, 75 of online gamers want to change virtual means for a currency that they can use on other platforms and in real life. In history, players could only play online games for the fun of it; there was no way for them to convert that exhilaration to earnings.

The virtual world (including games) was hugely distant from the physical world. Cryptocurrency has become a game-changer in recent times, creating an avenue for players to collect and trade the collectibles they’ve earned while playing games.

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It has steered a new period in the gaming assiduity extensively appertained to as GameFi. In this composition, we’d look at The Wasted Lands, a blockchain-grounded metaverse game set in the post-apocalyptic world, and how it intends to propel the GameFi assiduity with its recent table on Kucoin, amongst other effects.

The Wasted Lands Gaming Metaverse

The Wasted Lands are a colonist sci-fi game to integrate multiple instigative gaming rudiments into its part-playing gameplay within a post-apocalyptic metaverse, The Wasted- Verse.

With distinctive gaming features around its metaverse ecosystem similar to the Match 3 Puzzle RPG, Racing, and Shelter Building game, The Wasted Lands is wholly equipped to give an engaging player experience.

The Wasted- verse’s icon NFTs collection allows players to transubstantiate into their unique game personas and start exploring this fantasy world, further enhancing their absorption in the game.

The Wasted Lands will be one of the first blockchain games listed on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game will be available for download on these platforms starting from around mid-March.

$ WAL, Native Token Of The Wasted Lands Gets Listed On Kucoin

The Wasted Lands announces its Kucoin table after raising$ 3 million in Funding Rounds and reaching over$ 2 million in NFT Deals. Its gaming$ WAL commemorative is now available to trade on one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin, as of 7 Mar 2022, 1000 UTC.

KuCoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange for multitudinous digital means and cryptocurrencies. Launched in September 2017, KuCoin has become one of the most popular crypto exchanges, with over 10 million druggies active across 207 countries.

The exchange houses over 600 digital means and 1100 trading dyads. Presently, the platform offers P2P edict trading, staking, spot trading, lending, crypto derivations, and periphery trading.

The launch of the$ WAL commemorative on Kucoin is an essential step in The Wasted Lands’ trouble to boost the game’s visibility among the GameFi community and Play-to- earn suckers.

Nascence Testing Program

After a successful Nascence Testing with over players, The Wasted Lands platoon has bettered the game, creating a more flawless gameplay experience, all thanks to stoner benefactions. To show the platoon’s gratefulness and appreciation, a total prize worth of$ 60K was awarded to their valued contributors.

The Wasted Lands’ presence continues to reverberate among major gaming orders in the community, including YGGSEA, GGG, MGG, AGU, Avocado, Polkastarter Gaming, etc.

The game is also getting positive reviews from colorful gamers from the West like BHS, Coin Muhn, Crypto Knowledge Tamil, Crypto Rank, … to the East like GTA, Crypto Ryan, AnhReview, Modern Mulan… To date, further, than scholars have registered to play the game, while the trade volume legionnaire on the business has surpassed BNB.

Its first-ever PvP season is anticipated to take place on March 15.

Soon enough, players will be suitable to join the sanctioned interpretation of the game on iOS, Android, and Desktop with the chance to win a total prize of$500.000 from this first PvP season.

Being a primarily awaited and sound design, The Wasted Lands differs from other conventional games by its witching world and story of the post-apocalypse coupled with the instigative and different gameplay.

Through the cooperation with Kucoin and their other trusted mates, The Wasted Lands is set to place itself as one of the leading metaverse games.

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