“There are a handful of people that are just waiting for me to fail”

Kenny Omega understands the immense pressure on his shoulders, carrying the world championships of AEW, IMPACT Wrestling, and AAA simultaneously. The fact that people are cheering for him to fail helps drive him to greater heights.

The latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio had Kenny Omega on to discuss all things AEW. Regarding the subject of Omega working in various wrestling companies right now, he admitted that he’s willing to put himself out there even if it means he fails in doing so.

“I’m willing to put myself out there and fail miserably,” Kenny Omega said. “I think it gets me excited though there are a handful of people that are just waiting for me to fail and then cheering for me to fail. But then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have a large group of people that look forward to these new performances, these new challenges. And for those people, and for the sake of that promotion, and the sake of my own promotion because I represent AEW, I want to knock it out of the park.”

Kenny Omega went on to say he loves the pressure of people wanting him to fail because it helps get the best out of him.

“The people that want me to fail, you know I love that pressure,” Kenny Omega continued. “I don’t know why but I feel like when there’s no pressure, you’re not getting the best of me. So, to get out there and do all these things to try and even behind the scenes, to try and get in touch with these old contacts to try to sort of be a bit of a bridge between companies and these are all challenges that get me excited to do some work.”

Kenny Omega wants to leave every promotion he works for in a better place than when he arrived

Kenny Omega wants to do right by the wrestling business and the companies he works for, stating that he wants to do whatever he can to help the talent of every promotion he works for.

“I guess for the multiple promotion thing, I just want to leave every promotion in a better place than when I arrived,” Kenny Omega said. “I want to do what I can, in whatever way that I can, to help talent there. I love to test myself, and I love to learn. For example, in the Sami match, I learned a couple of new things just in that match alone, and when I go to Mexico, there’s always something that I learned. When I go to the country, I love to learn from that wrestling culture. I want to respect that and show through the skills that I have that I can give something back, take what they teach me, and then possibly incorporate that into my style as well.”

Kenny Omega will be in action this week at Fight For The Fallen as he and The Super Elite will face Hangman Page and The Dark Order in a high-stakes match.

If Page and Dark Order win the bout, they will get an opportunity at the AEW World and Tag Team Championships respectively.

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