These wireless earbuds are $65 for a limited time

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Low-quality earbuds make listening to music unpleasant and working online frustrating. Conversely, a well-crafted pair will deliver clear audio that authentically reproduces the sound as it was meant to be heard, whether it’s during a video conference, musical playback or a phone call. However, with scads of options on the market, narrowing your purchasing decision to one product can be daunting.

The Raycon E50 is a set of Bluetooth earbuds capable of delivering that genuine audio experience you’ve been looking for. right now, a better price than can be found on Amazon.

The E50s are long lasting, comfortable and produce consistently clear sound. These earbuds can play music for five hours, while the companion charging case offers 25 hours of extra power for five additional battery cycles. Using soft silicone gel tips, the Raycons are both supportive and completely secure. If the default tips don’t fit you perfectly, you can swap between any of the six included pairs to better match your ear shape.

One of the most important and forgotten parts of creating an immersive listening experience is being able to drown out superfluous noises. The E50 earbuds achieve just that using passive noise cancellation that will let you enjoy high-quality sound without any interruptions.

These earbuds connect using Bluetooth 5.0, so you can also ditch the physical distractions like wires. The E50s can connect to any Bluetooth-compatible device, and it’s easy to switch between, say, your computer’s and your phone’s audio. Raycon gives them an IPX4 water resistance rating, so they’ll continue to work perfectly if you get a little sweat on them while working out.

For a limited time, you can get a pair of Raycon E50s. Beat Amazon’s price and .

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