“They don’t care what they put on TV”

There have been many complaints from the WWE Universe regarding the current state of RAW and SmackDown. Vince Russo has an opinion on why the product isn’t improving, and it makes a lot of sense.

Vince Russo was recently a guest on the Such Good Shoot Podcast to discuss his WWE career. When Russo was asked about the current state of the product, he didn’t shy away from giving his opinion on why he believes WWE is in the state it’s in.

“Yeah, well bro, you know Triple told Ryback nobody’s going to be bigger than his company ever again,” Vince Russo said. “And they’ve stayed true to that word. The problem with the WWE now is, bro they have suckered and worked such deals with Peacock and FOX and USA Network and Saudi Arabia okay bro literally worked these people believing into ‘oh yeah bro yeah you’re buying Austin and Rock.’ No bro they ain’t buying Austin and Rock, they’re buying s**t. But the problem is, bro, they have so much money coming in right now. They don’t care what they put on TV; all they’re doing is fulfilling their obligation to FOX and USA Network.”

Vince Russo says the current WWE product is “copy and paste”

Vince Russo believes WWE doesn’t care what they put out anymore because the money they are making from FOX and the USA Network is guaranteed. Russo went as far as to call RAW, and SmackDown shows as of late a simple cut and paste.

“They don’t care what they put on there, bro,” Vince Russo said. “They’ve got this guaranteed money coming from Peacock and FOX, no matter what they put on TV, that same money is coming in. So there’s no incentive for them to make that show better. And not only is it a terrible show but bro, when you watch the show, it’s cut and paste. They’re just cutting and pasting from the previous week. That’s all they’re doing.”

Do you think guaranteed money from the likes of FOX and the USA Network is to blame for the current state of the WWE product? Is there anything that can be done to fix it? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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