TikTok star slams trolls hating on ‘catfish’ denture makeovers

With more followers come more haters.

Alicia, a 36-year-old New York woman known as Princess Glitter Head and Toothless Princess on TikTok, rose to fame for a viral video showcasing her snap-in dentures and extreme makeovers in April. Just two months later, on June 11, the mother of four hit 1 million followers — and she took the time to call out critics of her #ToothlessTikTokCatfish clips.

“I’m a happily married mom of 15 years with four kids and I wear makeup for ME,” she proclaimed in response to haters who showed a shocking level of intolerance. Alicia’s trolls have replied with a variety of negative comments, claiming they believe what she is doing is somehow wrong.

One user called her makeovers “Absolute witchcraft,” while another wrote, “To me, it’s false advertisement!” One commenter went so far as to say: “This should be illegal,” while others weighed in that they now have “trust issues,” thanks to Alicia’s mind-blowing clips.

In the spring, Alicia went viral for her astonishing “catfish” transformation videos that documented her glow-ups, which always featured her dentures. Her initial video sensation accumulated 2.9 million views, launching a burst in followers and viewers. A majority of her videos have since nabbed millions of eyeballs — including one recent transformation video that hit a whopping 22.6 million views.

The mom is also a makeup artist, hence her unbelievable transformations in which she highlights the products she uses. “I’m also a makeup artist with the same right as everyone else to wear it,” a defiant Alicia sounded off in comments.

Princess Glitter Head, whose real name is Alicia, displays her now-famous dentures.
Princess Glitter Head, whose real name is Alicia, displays her now-famous dentures.

Alicia previously opened up about her tooth-loss journey, which evolved over years of avoiding dentist visits while embracing a less-than-healthy lifestyle, especially during her pregnancy.

Since then, Alicia has created a large presence on various digital platforms, including TikTok and YouTube, in an effort to promote positivity surrounding dentures and to reduce the stigma around tooth loss.

Alicia, a k a "Princess Glitter Head," documents her transformation.
Alicia, a k a Princess Glitter Head, documents her transformation.
Alicia shows off her final look.
Alicia shows off her final look.

Negative comments on her smile and makeup techniques never deter Alicia from doing what she does best: posting, inspiring others and even clapping back at the haters.

Negativity aside, Alicia still receives as many positive comments. “You just made me cry. I am about to get dentures at 30 years old…I thought for sure that I was done for…” posted one fan.

“It’s not over until pigs fly,” replied Alicia with her signature spirit-boosting pride. “It’s hard but so worth it — you just have to never give up until you’re happy & it’s something to be proud of. No shame.”

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