Tinashe releases sexy video for new single ‘Bouncin’

Trampoline choreography might be the latest thing to beat.

Tinashe caused a social media commotion when she dropped a suggestive, sexy music video for her latest single, “Bouncin,” on Wednesday.

“I been sendin’ dirty pics/Hope they make it to the Cloud,” Tinashe sings in the hot video, though the lurid lyrics weren’t really what caused a tizzy.

Fans were especially hypnotized by the “Bouncin” choreography and, more specifically, Tinashe’s ability to hit dance moves while girating on a mini-trampoline. The one-minute sequence left fans fawning over the 28-year-old artist, who did it all in a bosom-boosting, booty-hugging bodysuit.

Fans went to Twitter to express their appreciation for Tinashe and the video, with one acknowledging her ability to boost her singles on the charts because of her trending music vids.

Others applauded the artist and even suggested she’s her generation’s music legend.

The single, which dropped July 9, follows Tinashe’s June release “Pasadena (ft. Buddy)”, both teasing her upcoming “333 Tour.”

Tinashe in the music video for "Bouncin."
Tinashe in the music video for “Bouncin.”

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