Tom Brady trashes team that passed on him in free agency

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady hasn’t said much about his foray into free agency last offseason. Other than admitting he heard from a number of teams, fans don’t know what the process was like for Brady.

There’s a chance fans finally get more clarity soon. Brady appeared in a tease for HBO’s “The Shop” on Monday, where he revealed how he really felt about being snubbed by one team. Brady questioned that decision in the clip, saying, “You’re sticking with that motherf***er?”

The tease doesn’t reveal the team or the player that Brady was discussing. There’s a good chance that information won’t be reveal during the full episode, which airs Friday. Brady could very easily blow up that team and player, he is the quarterback GOAT and coming off yet another Super Bowl title, but he will mostly likely keep things civil. It hasn’t been Brady’s modus operandi to trash players or teams in the past.

Tom Brady proved he still has a lot left in the tank last season. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Tom Brady proved he still has a lot left in the tank last season. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

What team snubbed Tom Brady?

Unless Brady reveals the team or player, we will be left guessing at who Brady trashed in the clip. A number of teams were reportedly interested in Brady, so that doesn’t really narrow things down. Toward the end of his free agency, however, it was believed the Bucs, Los Angeles Chargers and New England Patriots were among the finalists. 

Both the Bucs and Patriots can be ruled out based on Brady’s comment, leaving the Chargers as a possibility. The team went into last season with Tyrod Taylor as its starter, and he could fit Brady’s description. Taylor was with the Chargers in 2019, so Brady saying “sticking with” would apply here.

If you want to expand the teams, Brady also reportedly received interest from the Las Vegas Raiders, San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans. The Titans probably don’t fit, as they brought in Ryan Tannehill. Both the Raiders (Derek Carr) and the 49ers (Jimmy Garoppolo) stuck with established players, so they could be the target of Brady’s ire. 

It’s entirely possible Brady was talking about a completely different team and player in the tease. The Chicago Bears, as an example, decided Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles were the answer. 

While it would be fun if Brady destroyed a team, that’s not going to happen. Let the wild speculating begin!

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