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Tony Khan opens up on AEW Revolution match

Tony Khan

The main event of AEW Revolution between Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship had a ton of expectations as the stipulation was the rarely seen ‘Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch’. The match was an extremely violent affair but the pyro team botched the final explosion, giving the match a dud of an ending.

Fans were both disappointed and amused, even WWE stars took subtle shots at the end. However, one person was far from pleased. Tony Khan appeared on The Dan Le Batard Show and revealed he refused to pay the pyro team as “they messed up royally.” In another interesting bit, Khan said he’d do the match again as “it drew.”

Here are his quotes in full (H/T Fightful):

I’ll never let the non-wrestling people…I was trying to be too safe and I let the professionals handle the stuff and they are guys who don’t understand wrestling. A professional pyrotechnic guy. They totally shit the bed. I ended up not paying them. It was like $100,000 they ended up refunding for all the expenses of the match. I ended up not paying for the (exploding) barbed wire deathmatch, which I shouldn’t have. They screwed up royally.

We put together something great. Kenny and Jon worked their asses off and all they had to do was set up the final explosion. This is because we used professional pyrotechnic people who are supposed to know. The next time we do this, and I will do it again because the match drew. Everything Jon and Kenny did up until that point was outstanding, it wasn’t their fault it didn’t go off. Long story short, it was a long time ago and we’ve bounced back since then.

Tony Khan spoke about AEW bouncing back from the aftermath of the match and being back to their best.

That was three months ago and everything has been pretty perfect and couldn’t have gone much better. I was really grateful that the next pay-per-view was up and did a big number.

Atsushi Onita comments on AEW deathmatch

Atsushi Onita
Atsushi Onita

Death-match wrestling legend Atsushi Onita ‘felt responsible’ for the end of the match for the AEW championship.

Onita spoke to FanFyte and expressed his desire to display his death-match wrestling abilities in America. He went on to thank Jon Moxley for using his theme song. He referred to a potential Onita-Moxley match as ‘dream match territory’.

With Khan’s comments, this match could end up becoming a reality on AEW. How excited are you to witness this potential spectacle?

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