Top 3 uses of glow ink sacs in Minecraft 1.17 update

Minecraft players can now make their builds glow brighter than ever before.

Ever since their addition in the newest 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update, glow squids have already become one of the most loved mobs in Minecraft. Plus, they drop a brand new item called glow ink sacs.

The recent update has introduced plenty of new glowing blocks and items with glow ink sacs being just one of many. Although they look similar to regular ink sacs, glow ink sacs have entirely different purposes.

Apart from being pretty to look at, here are some uses of glow ink sacs in Minecraft.

Uses of Minecraft glow ink sacs

#3 – Glowing text

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

When applied to a sign with text written on it, glow ink sacs will make the text glow bright and beautiful. This is sure to make any message stand out with a pop of light.

Before the update, players were likely bored of the standard sign as they all typically look the same regardless of written text. There are plenty of signs to be made since every type of wood can be made into one, but glow ink sacs invite even more variety into the game with the ability to make signs glow.

#2 – Collect an advancement

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Some Minecraft players love to collect as many achievements or advancements in the game as possible. The recent Caves & Cliffs update added many of these new goals for Minecraft players to accomplish, one of those being the “Glow and Behold!” advancement.

Getting this advancement is quite simple. Players simply have to do the previously listed action: use a glow ink sac to make text on a sign glow.

#1 – Glow item frames

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Another new item added in the 1.17 Minecraft update is the glow item frame. These are brand new takes on the original basic item frame. Glow item frames showcase whatever object is placed inside them on a much more dazzling display.

Players will first have to craft a regular item frame, but then that item can be combined with a glow ink sac to then create a shining glow item frame. Using glow item frames to display objects will no doubt add a nice flair to a Minecraft build.

As the Minecraft community continues to experiment with the brand new 1.17 update, perhaps even more unintentional uses of glow ink sacs will be discovered. For now, the item is simply a minor yet exciting new Minecraft element.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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