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Top 3 uses of Pandas in Minecraft

Image via Minecraft

Pandas in Minecraft are not only adorable, they’re also one of the more complex animal mobs in the game.

Minecraft pandas are not entirely easy to come across as they only spawn in the rare jungle biome. While players can find them in a Minecraft world, there is a lot to know about the lovable creatures.

Unlike any other Minecraft mob, every panda has a different personality, each with their own physicality to identify which is which. These personality variations include normal, lazy, worried, playful, aggressive, weak, and brown.

While these mobs can be wonderfully diverse, there isn’t too much for players to do with pandas quite yet. The following is a list of possibilities that players can consider while interacting with pandas in Minecraft.

Uses for pandas in Minecraft

#3 – Breeding

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Pandas are among the many breed-able animals in Minecraft. What makes breeding pandas much more interesting than any other mob is their many personalities.

Players who love science may enjoy the variety in Minecraft panda genetics. Because there are so many different variations of pandas, there are dominant and recessive genes that go into the creation of the baby mobs.

Breeding pandas with different personality traits will result in the dominant trait being present in the offspring. Since there are so many panda personalities, players might want to take time to experiment with the gene pool.

Players even earn the “Zoologist” achievement when they breed pandas. This may be a worthwhile feat for players eager to collect as many achievements as possible.

#2 – Pets

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

After interacting with every kind of panda personality, players will surely find that they have a favorite type. Once their ideal panda is identified, players can keep a panda as a pet.

The problem, however, is that pandas are not tameable animals in Minecraft. While they cannot technically be adopted by players, pandas can be enclosed in a cage-like structure and kept in captivity.

Players can lure pandas to an area of their choosing by holding bamboo or by transporting them via boat. To prevent their new pets from being despawned, players may wish to give their pandas names using name tags.

#1 – Zoo

Image via Pinterest
Image via Pinterest

If a single pet panda isn’t enough for the player, they can also put their creativity to use and create a build based around pandas. It may be difficult to do, but a player who successfully breeds one or more of each type of panda may wish to create a zoo to showcase all of their hard work.

Pandas are a great choice for mobs to put in a Minecraft zoo due to their rarity, variety, and inability to cause too much harm to players. Plus, they can even be separated based on personality types.

Other Minecraft mobs interact well with pandas as well, meaning that the zoo can be expanded to showcase a wide array of animals if the player has the time, space, and dedication to make it happen.

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