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Top 5 Madden 22 player ratings for Jacksonville Jaguars

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars had the worst overall team rating in Madden 21 with a 74. The Jags should fair better in Madden 22 after overhauling their roster with fresh talent. Jacksonville didn’t have a single player with a player rating in the 90s either. LB Myles Jack was the highest-rated player with an 86. There were only six other players with a rating in the 80s. The Jaguars have a fantastic draft class this year, including number one overall pick QB Trevor Lawrence. As Jacksonville looks to make an impact in the AFC South, they should have more high-powered players in Madden 22. Here are the top five highest player ratings for the Jacksonville Jaguars in Madden 22.

Top 5 Madden 22 player ratings for Jacksonville Jaguars

#5. QB Trevor Lawrence

Madden 22 Launch Rating – 82

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what Trevor Lawrence’s Madden 22 player rating is with no previous data to go off of. Based on previous rookies, Lawrence should receive around an 82, one of the highest predicted ratings for this year’s rookies. He finished second in Heisman voting last year and has over 10,000 passing yards in three years with Clemson. He threw 90 TDs and just 17 INTs with almost 1,000 career rushing yards and another 18 TDs.

#4. WR Marvin Jones Jr

Madden 21 Launch Rating – 85

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating – 83

Madden 22 Launch Rating – 84

Marvin Jones Jr. had a solid career with the Detroit Lions but is looking to take it to the next level with Jacksonville. He signed a two-year deal and had 978 receiving yards and nine TDs in 2020. He’s 31 but can still produce and the Jaguars are using him as one of their main starters on their offense. An 84 rating in Madden 22 is impressive for a WR his age.

#3. RB James Robinson

Madden 21 Launch Rating – 63

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating – 84

Madden 22 Launch Rating – 85

UDFA James Robinson had an amazing rookie season with 1,070 rushing yards and seven TDs. He also had 344 receiving yards for three TDs. You would think his Madden 22 player rating would be higher than 85 when he finished with an 84, 21 points higher than his initial Madden 21 rating. Jacksonville’s situation in the backfield is complicated by first-round pick RB Travis Etienne. James Robinson will likely take a step down into a smaller role and that affects his rating.

#2. ROLB Myles Jack

Madden 21 Launch Rating – 81

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating – 86

Madden 22 Launch Rating – 88

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars
Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars

Myles Jack had the top rating among all Jacksonville players in Madden 21. He’ll remain one of the top players in Madden 22. Jack had second-team All-Pro honors last year with 118 tackles, five passes defended, one INT, and one sack. He’s a leader on the defense and could be one of the first Jaguars to have a rating in the 90s.

#1. CB Shaquill Griffin

Madden 21 Launch Rating – 84

Madden 21 Super Bowl Rating – 86

Madden 22 Launch Rating – 89

The Jaguars signed Griffin to a three-year, $44 million deal as a free-agent and got one of the best DBs on the market. He made it to the 2019 Pro Bowl and had three INTs, 63 tackles, and 12 passes defended in just 12 games in 2020. Paired with CJ Henderson, Griffin should have a chance at having his best season yet. He should have a Madden 22 rating within the 90s quickly.

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