Top 5 most memorable side missions in GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas’ side missions are some of the most iconic facets of the game.

Of course, not all of it is necessary for the better. Something like Supply Lines… is remembered for how frustrating it is for new players.

Yet, some side missions, like Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s, are remembered for how awesome it was.

This listicle won’t include vehicle missions or other minor side missions in GTA San Andreas. Instead, it will only include side missions that a player obtains from other named characters.

There are 14 side missions in GTA San Andreas by this count, which is more than enough for a list like this one.

The five most iconic side missions in GTA San Andreas

#5 – Puncture Wounds

This is the only mission in all of GTA San Andreas where the player can drop spike strips like cops normally do. These spike strips work as they’d usually do, which makes the premise of this mission pretty interesting.

Caesar wants to get a Stratum, but the driver is too fast and smart to be ejected from his vehicle. CJ then comes up with the idea to use a spike strip, and everything works according to plan.

#4 – Dam and Blast

Dam and Blast sets up Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s quite nicely. Here, CJ plants explosives on some generators within the Sherman Dam. However, they don’t go off during this mission, as they’re instead triggered during the robbery at Caligula’s casino.

Still, this mission makes use of a location the player has no reason to go to. Seeing CJ jump off the dam in the final cutscene is also an awesome moment, especially since he isn’t hurt at all during his leap.

#3 – New Model Army

Contrary to popular opinion, Zero’s missions are not mandatory. They are all classified as optional missions, which in turn makes them side missions that the player could do if they want extra money.

In New Model Army’s case, CJ helps Zero beat Berkley in an RC showdown. Zero drives an RC Bandit and tries to get it into Berkley’s base, but the latter has RC Tigers and obstacles to get in his way.

Fortunately, CJ can easily deal with these problems, which helps him earn a new asset in the form of Zero RC.

#2 – Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s

An epic heist is bound to be remembered in any GTA game. In GTA San Andreas, Breaking the Bank at Caligula’s is the final Triads mission where CJ and the crew rob Caligula’s casino.

Previous explosives planted in Dam and Blast come into play here, as they allow CJ and the gang to cut power from the casino. From there, they can use Night Vision to get around in what can only be described as Ocean’s Eleven in the GTA style.

It also rewards players with a hefty $100,000, making it worth all of the effort and previous missions.

#1 – Supply Lines…

Supply Lines… is a mission that’s often remembered for all of the wrong reasons in GTA San Andreas. Like Zero’s other mission, it’s completely optional. However, it’s still an awkward RC mission with a time limit.

It’s often regarded as the most frustrating mission in GTA San Andreas, particularly because of how it is structured. The time limit isn’t a normal one; rather, it’s just an amount of fuel that the player possesses to fly their RC Baron.

Considering this mission was unlocked before a player had access to Pilot School, it’s not surprising that so many GTA San Andreas players had trouble with it.

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