Top 5 rarest spawns in Minecraft

Whenever a player loads up a new Minecraft world, they will spawn at someplace. This place could be any biome, and each biome has its pros and cons. For example, if the player spawns in a jungle biome, they will have easy and early access to bamboo.

The spawn location of the Minecraft world is always completely random. Players can also use seeds with specified spawn locations to start their world in their preferred biome. Below is a list of the five rarest spawn locations in the game.

Rarest spawns in Minecraft

5) Spawning right above a Stronghold

Strongholds are natural structures that generate underground. These structures have End Portals, which is why players try to locate them using the eyes of ender. Finding a stronghold can often take a long time, and spawning on the ground above a stronghold is rare.

4) Mushroom biome

Mushroom biome (Image via Minecraft)
Mushroom biome (Image via Minecraft)

Mushroom biomes are unique, and no hostile mobs can spawn on them. These are the perfect biomes for players who want to enjoy building structures peacefully in survival mode and do not want to worry about mobs. Players can also find a unique mob called mooshroom that spawns only in this biome.

3) Spawning above Fossils

Fossils in Minecraft are so rare that many players don’t even know about them. These are skeletal structures made of bone blocks and coal ore. Many players have spent a lot of time trying to find them, and spawning right above them almost seems impossible.

2) Snowy taiga mountains biome

Snowy taiga mountains biome (Image via Minecraft)
Snowy taiga mountains biome (Image via Minecraft)

This is one of the rarest biomes in the game, often mistaken for the snowy tundra hills biome. Players will find steep terrain here, and the biome can reach high elevations. There is only a 0.3% chance of the player coming across this biome, and spawning in one is even less.

1) Modified Jungle Edge

Modified jungle edge biome (Image via Reddit)
Modified jungle edge biome (Image via Reddit)

The modified jungle edge is the rarest biome in Minecraft. This biome is generated as part of a double-layered transition if a jungle biome borders a swamp hill biome. Both swamp hills and jungle biomes are already infrequent, making the generation of this biome even rarer.

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