Tory Questions When Rap Became So ‘Politically Correct’ Amid DaBaby Drama-Also Shades Megan Thee Stallion

Tory Lanez is not straying away from controversy despite his own legal issues.

The rapper took to Twitter these past few days to discuss cancel culture and the political correctness of Hip Hop amid the drama happening with his fellow rapper DaBaby.

Tory Lanez stirred the pot this past weekend when he joined DaBaby on stage at Rolling Loud to perform their song “SKAT.”

The collab alone caused drama for both rappers as Megan Thee Stallion seemingly cut ties with Baby for working with Tory, who has been accused of shooting her in the feet last July.

Following their performance, DaBaby came under fire for comments he made during a separate moment in his set. His audience callout was deemed homophobic and insensitive toward those living with HIV/AIDS.

As DaBaby experienced massive fallout, Tory took to Twitter to talk about cancel culture.

Tory took things up a notch Wednesday by questioning when rap became politically correct as DaBaby continued to face backlash for his words and actions.

“When did rap get so politically correct that u can’t speak your mind and have an opinion….why the f**k was rap started?…for us to speak our mind….rappers will not always be right, and u don’t have to agree. But they have a right to speak their mind,” Tory tweeted.

With Tory putting himself out there, it opened him up to criticism about his own situation involving his open investigation in regard to the Megan Thee Stallion shooting.

A person tweeted at him “Since when can rappers shoot girls on the feet?” to which Tory replied, “Since when have u had ACTUAL evidence that I did that??? I’ll wait..”

The interaction with people on Twitter sent Tory into a rant:

Tory is due in court this fall for a preliminary hearing in his case. We’ll keep you posted on this one.

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