Tribes of Midgard: Resources Guide

Tribes of Midgard is a top-down action-survival RPG by Norsfell studios, inspired by Nordic Mythology. Developed by Norsfell and published by Gearbox Publishing, Tribes of Midgard recently launched on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and on PC via Steam.

The game puts the players in a world where they must fight hordes of enemies and gather resources to protect the village from the Giants who aim to destroy the seed of Yggdrasil.

Collecting resources is an integral part of the gameplay experience.

Resources in Tribes of Midgard

From crafting different defensive architecture, armor, and weapons, to gaining a boost in fighting against enemies, resources are an integral part of the Tribes of Midgard gameplay experience. Resources in Tribes of Midgard are as follows:

Stone Resources in Tribes of Midgard

(Image by Norsfell, Tribes of Midgard)

Stone resources are obtained by mining different deposits and gathering stones. These resources are gathered with Pickaxes.

  • Amethyst – is obtained from Amethyst Deposit
  • Aquamarine – is obtained from Aquamarine Deposit
  • Flint – is obtained from Flint Deposit, Stone Deposit
  • Garnet – is obtained from Garnet Deposit
  • Gold – is obtained from Gold Deposit
  • Iron Ore – is obtained from Iron Deposit
  • Moonstone – is obtained from Lunar Rowan Tree, Rowan Tree
  • Sapphire – is obtained from Sapphire Deposit
  • Silver – is obtained from Silver Deposit
  • Stone – is obtained from Stone Deposit
  • Obsidian – is obtained from Obsidian Deposit
  • Cut Stone
  • Wrought Iron

Wood Resources in Tribes of Midgard

(Image by Norsfell, Tribes of Midgard)

Wood resources are obtained by chopping down different trees in the world, which can be done using the Lumberaxes.

  • Birch Water – is obtained from Birch Tree
  • Butterbur Flowers – is obtained from Butterbur Plant
  • Butterbur Roots – is obtained from Butterbur Plant
  • Hardened Boards
  • Maple Sap – is obtained from Maple Tree
  • Mistletoe – is obtained from Mistletoe Tree
  • Pine Bark – is obtained from Pine Tree
  • Pine Cone – is obtained from Frozen Pine Tree
  • Spruce Needles – is obtained from Spruce Tree
  • Spruce Tip Syrup – is obtained from Frozen Spruce Tree
  • Sticks – is obtained from Branch Pile
  • Wood – is obtained from Birch Tree, Spruce Tree, Frozen Spruce Tree, Pine Tree, Frozen Pine Tree, Maple Tree, Lunar Rowan Tree, Yew Tree, Lunar Yew Tree

Special objects in Tribes of Midgard

(Image by Norsfell, Tribes of Midgard)

Special objects are extremely rare, as they are dropped by defeating a Jötunn.

  • Segment of Hálogi’s Horn
  • Piece of Geirröðr’s Jaw

Creature resources in Tribes of Midgard

Creature Resources can be obtained from different creators across the world:

  • Ashes
  • Fingernails
  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Silk Cloth
  • Soul
  • Wolf Fang
  • Wool
  • Large Bones

Misc resources in Tribes of Midgard

(Image by Norsfell, Tribes of Midgard)

  • Bones – is obtained from Skeleton Remains
  • Bright Powder
  • Ethereal Powder
  • Filtered Powder
  • Gleipnir Vines – is obtained from Vine Plant
  • Grass – is obtained from Grass Tuft
  • Oiled Leather
  • Raw Powder
  • Refined Powder
  • Seaweed – is obtained from Seaweed Cluster, Lunar Seaweed Cluster
  • Silk Canvas
  • Silver Thread – is obtained from Lunar Seaweed Cluster
  • Smoke Thorns
  • Spun Yarn

Potion creation in Tribes of Midgard

Potions can change a player’s stats, thus helping them in defeating enemies.

  • Henbane Extract – is obtained from Henbane Plant
  • Kingcup Nectar – is obtained from Kingcup Plant
  • Lightning Residue – is obtained from Lunar Stormcap Mushroom
  • Mead Spices
  • Mushroom Oil – is obtained from Stormcap Mushroom, Lunar Stormcap Mushroom
  • Rowan Berries
  • Yew Poison
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