Twitch bans Amouranth and Indiefoxx after yoga ASMR streams

Late Friday evening, Twitch banned content creators Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa and Jenelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres, two major streamers on the platform. The ban is another example of Twitch’s ongoing process to moderate what it deems as “sexually suggestive content.” Siragusa and Dagres had roughly 3.15 million and 934,610 followers on the platform respectively, per Streamscharts.

Both channels are still down at time the time of press.

Siragusa told Stock Market Pioneer that Twitch told her the reason behind the ban was “sexual content.” Prior to the ban, the streamer did an ASMR yoga stream during which she held various yoga poses and simulated the sound of having your ear licked using a microphone.

“I think I will have to be more careful — the atmosphere around moderation seems to be to let things ‘fly’ until they are impossible to ignore,” Siragusa told Stock Market Pioneer over email. She also emphasized that she was not the first person to do an ASMR yoga stream.

A representative from Twitch declined to comment to Stock Market Pioneer and sent a link to Twitch’s blog on hot tub streams.

The ban follows the ongoing push and pull between Twitch and its creators, as the company attempts to define and moderate what it sees as “sexually suggestive content.” Earlier this year, the “hot tub meta” — a kind of content that involves people streaming in a hot tub, usually wearing swimsuits — prompted Twitch to create a new category for the streams to address complaints from viewers and advertisers.

In the streaming platform’s post about hot tub streams, Twitch acknowledged that its team has “a lot of work to do” with regard to moderation. This new development is just another example of just how much more work is ahead.

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