Valorant data miner reveals new Sentinels of Light bundle with Patch 3.02

Valorant data miners have revealed a new Sentinels of Light skin bundle for the upcoming Patch 3.02 which is expected to be coming into the game this week.

With every new update, Valorant has come up with some new weapon skins and cosmetics. According to a leak by Valorant Data miners, this time they are coming with the ‘Sentinels of Light’ skin bundle. It seems like the developers have given the early access to the new patch to HITSCAN – RyanCentral & Mysca for the new ‘Sentinels of Light’ skin bundle.

Valorant’s ‘Sentinels of Light’ skin bundle will have five Valorant weapon cosmetics:

The ‘Sentinels of Light’ event was introduced in League of Legends and Wildrift earlier this month. Riot planned to celebrate this event in collaboration with their other games as well. As part of that, Riot has already introduced the ‘Ruination Skin Bundle,’ which is currently available in the store.

However, Riot also teased a new Sentinels of Light-themed weapon skin at the event.

Finally, after a long wait, the Skin-Bundle is coming into the game with Patch 3.02. The data miners have revealed images of the upcoming Sentinels of Light. The bundle will have five weapon cosmetics. They are as follows:

  • SOL Sheriff
  • SOL Ares
  • SOL Vandal
  • SOL Operator
  • SOL Meelee

Release Date:

Riot is yet to confirm the exact date of the release of the ‘Sentinels of Light’ skin bundle. However, the bundle is expected to be available with the arrival of Patch 3.02 which is scheduled to arrive later this week.

Variants and Animation

There will be 4 variants for the ‘Sentinels of Light’ skin bundle.

In addition to that, players will get a final-kill animation with light-music with this skin bundle as well.


Riot has not revealed the price of this skin either. However, judging by previous skin bundles including the latest Ruination Skin Bundle, it is expected that the upcoming ‘Sentinels of Light’ will cost around 8700 Valorant Points. However, players can also buy individual weapon skins by spending around 2175 Valorant Points.

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