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Valorant players may have missed out on the hidden Ascent map tweak with Episode 3

Valorant players may have missed out on the hidden Ascent map tweak with Episode 3

Valorant introduced a hidden change that most players are unaware of. It may be minor, but it has a major overall impact.

Riot always brings changes and fixes to Valorant with patches deployed every two weeks. The Valorant dev team also notifies players about these changes in their patch notes. Every patch brings changes according to the players’ feedback to maintain the game’s integrity and state. The fact that the Valorant dev team responds quickly to problems proves that they care about the game’s player base.

Riot brought a lot of changes with their patch 3.0. However, they haven’t informed players about a slight tweak that they made on the map Ascent. This adjustment is targeted towards the Ascent A site and is a hidden one.

The Ascent A site change on Valorant

The generator at A site of Ascent had a certain angle at which players can look at the other side of the generator through a small gap. This small gap gave huge intel to the attacker about the defender behind the generator. The generator could be shot through, which also made the player behind the generator feel less safe.

Some players have taken advantage of this small gap, leaving the defender in the dark with the question “how did they know?” The victims of this gap are numerous, and the Valorant development team decided to resolve this issue in secret.

The new patch adjusts the generator by making it impenetrable and closing the gap that existed previously. This change was made to make it easier for defenders to take care of A site. Additionally, the risk to the player defending behind the generator is reduced.

This change wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the patch notes, but when keen players inspected it they noticed this subtle change the Valorant dev team made. Valorant players are delighted about this change because it makes the game feel more balanced.

There might be a reason why the dev team did not inform the players about this change. Maybe, they wanted to punish the players who abuse this gap by letting them realize the change.

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