Valorant servers will go into maintenance today from 14:00 PDT prior to launch of KAY/O and Episode 3 Act 1

Valorant’s Episode 3 will come out today and, as always, bring downtime for maintenance along. These downtimes are necessary for game developers to bring in essential patches that will update the game and keep its core gameplay mechanics fresh and engaging.

This downtime is scheduled from 14:00 to 18:00 PDT on June 22nd. For Valorant players residing in India, the time is 2:30 to 6:30 on June 23rd.

The maintenance notification for Valorant (Screengrab via Riot Games)
The maintenance notification for Valorant (Screengrab via Riot Games)

The reason for this downtime is that Valorant is an online game, so the necessary deployment must go to the server before making any changes to the in-game files. Thus, rebooting the servers with the new patch and modifications is a must.

Upcoming additions with Valorant’s next patch

First and foremost, this patch introduces the much-anticipated agent, KAY/O. The terminator robot is on the hunt for Radiants.

Compared to other FPS games, KAY/O’s utilities are nearly identical, but Valorant’s personal touches set it apart.

Valorant will also bring a squad XP boost event for players to level up and finish contracts faster. This event will be temporary and stay from June 22nd to July 6th.

Episode 3 will include two new weapon bundles, the Jigsaw Bundle and the K/TAC Bundle, and a new addition to the Monarch Bundle. Because of its sleek appearance, the K/TAC bundle has gained tremendous popularity.

The Give Back Bundle will also be added to the in-game market with this update.

The K/TAC knife (Image via Riot)
The K/TAC knife (Image via Riot)

Talking about new items being added to Valorant, a new Battlepass will come in as well. All of the bundles mentioned above will be included in the Valorant Battlepass, which has piqued players’ interest.

Aside from these additions, there have been several modifications to the basic gameplay, such as changes in weapon and utility costs for each agent. This modification will have the most influence because the economy is the most critical factor in Valorant.

After a long wait, all of these features are finally making their way into the game. And players are thrilled about the latest arrivals.

They are, however, dissatisfied with the game economy changes taking place this time around. Only time will tell how it all works out for Valorant.

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