‘Vandal’ busted for tagging profanity on several NYPD vehicles

He’s in deep “s–t” now.

A Brooklyn man was busted early Thursday for allegedly spray-painting the expletive on at least five NYPD vehicles — after getting caught carrying a can of paint still wet from the spree, police sources said.

Kenneth Anderson, 39, was spotted outside the 75th Precinct station house in East New York around 1:20 a.m. by officers who felt he was acting suspiciously, sources said.

When they asked to speak with him, Anderson took off running, according to the insiders.

The cops caught up to Anderson a short distance away, and eyed a bulge inside a bag he was carrying that they feared to be a firearm.

But when they peered inside the bag, they instead found a hammer and a can of black spray paint that was still wet from use, the sources said.

Back at the Sutter Avenue cop shop, officers took a closer look at a marked police car and two vans they’d seen Anderson standing near and realized they’d been freshly spray-painted with the word “s–t” in large, black lettering.

Under questioning by the Citywide Vandals Task Force, Anderson allegedly confessed to tagging the three vehicles — as well as a third department van and a crime scene vehicle defaced with the same obscenity around 11:48 p.m. Wednesday outside the nearby Police Service Area 2 station house, sources said.

The suspect allegedly spray-painted the profanity on at least five different NYPD vehicles.
The suspect allegedly spray-painted the profanity on at least five different NYPD vehicles.
Christopher Sadowski

He allegedly told investigators that he targeted the vehicles because he does not like police, according to the insiders.

Cops are additionally probing whether Anderson is responsible for tagging a marked car with the expletive outside the 103rd Precinct station house in Jamaica, Queens on July 6, according to the insiders.

The Brownsville resident, who has no prior graffiti arrests, has been charged with third-degree criminal mischief.

It was not immediately clear whether Anderson had an attorney to speak on his behalf.

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