‘Victoria’s Secret Karen’ freaks out over being filmed

It’s the return of the Karens, and this time, in Victoria’s Secret.

A woman, dubbed by the internet as the “Victoria’s Secret Karen,” broke down in hysterics, crying and pretending to pass out after another woman, Ijeoma Ukenta, accused the “Karen” of trying to hit her.

In the viral video, the blonde woman causing a scene in the middle of a Millburn, New Jersey, lingerie store began sobbing and wailing on the floor after Ukenta began recording.

Ukenta, who is black, claimed the aggressor was the other woman, whose attitude seemed to instantly change and who started to play the part of the victim once Ukenta’s camera started rolling.

She can be seen on tape yelling at Ukenta, complaining about being recorded and chasing her around the store in an apparent attempt to force her to stop filming.

According to TMZ, Ukenta said she continued to film despite the woman’s advances and alleged threats in order to protect herself until police arrived. She told the outlet she was afraid the woman would make false claims against her and wanted video proof she was telling the truth.

The purported assailant allegedly told the police she was yelling at Ukenta to stop filming because she was afraid the video would be posted online and that she might face repercussions.

Since the incident, the clip has, in fact, gone viral. It’s received more than 70,000 likes on Twitter and topped 2,500 comments.

All Ukenta wanted, she said in the video, was to indulge in a free pair of panties from a deal run by the lingerie chain but, instead, she had to deal with the revenge of a Karen. In an update, a representative for the Essex County Prosecutors Office told TMZ that it was investigating whether any laws were broken in the exchange.

The woman is the latest to succumb to Karen-ness in recent history. Earlier this year, a woman attacked an Uber driver after being told to wear a mask in his car. Consequences for these Karen attacks have resulted in people being “canceled” and even losing their jobs.

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