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Vince Russo on how WWE RAW used to be written

Vince Russo explains why tearing up scripts on a Monday doesn

We’ve all heard stories about Vince McMahon tearing up the script for WWE RAW hours before the show goes on the air. Vince Russo says it didn’t use to be that way.

Vince Russo was recently a guest on the Such Good Shoot Podcast to discuss his WWE career. When Russo was asked when WWE would have episodes of RAW written back in the day, he confirmed that shows were finished on Fridays, and nothing was ever torn up back then.

“By Friday morning, that show’s done,” Vince Russo stated. “Bro, You know we you know we’re doing on Friday? This was our Friday. We’re contacting talent, ‘Rock, I’m sending you the show. This is what you’re doing. Austin, this is what you’re doing’. We’re contacting talent on Friday already telling them what they’re doing on Monday. Now think about this, bro. Now Austin has that script on Friday. Now he’s on the plane. He’s looking at this; he’s thinking about it…think about that, bro. You’re giving them like two, three days for that script to sink in.”

Vince Russo says RAW being written by Fridays helped improve the overall product

Vince Russo says giving wrestlers their scripts over the weekend to look over and make their own helped improve the overall product that WWE was putting on at the time. While he admitted there might be a tweak here or there that Monday, the show that was written on Friday didn’t change.

“When we got to TV on Mondays, bro, nothing changed,” Vince Russo confirmed. “What was written the prior week was the show; nothing changed. Now bro, don’t get me wrong; there’s a tweak here and there. But bro ripping up shows and rewriting Monday at two o’clock? Bro, that show was in bed wrapped up on a Friday. And by the time the talent got to the building on Monday, everybody knew what they were doing on the show.”

With Vince McMahon tearing up scripts for WWE RAW hours before the show goes on the air, is it hard to imagine the show used to be written by Friday? Would you like to see WWE go back to this formula? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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