Waitress assaulted, taken in car after chasing men who ditch tab

A New Jersey waitress tried to stop a group of diners from ditching their tab — but was instead taken away in an SUV, assaulted and left on the side of a road, auhtorities said.

Police are now asking for help in identifying a group of five people who left their bill at Nifty Fifties Diner in Washington township on Saturday – but took their waitress by force.

Soon before midnight on Saturday, the group finished eating and tried to leave the diner without paying, Washington Township Police Department said.

“The waitress was taken into the vehicle and the suspects drove away with the waitress in the vehicle,” the statement said.

“She was then assaulted and later left on the side of the road on State Highway 42.”

Nifty Fifty's Diner
The assault took place after a group refused to pay at the Nifty Fifty’s Diner.

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