Warframe: The New War expansion announced at TennoCon 2021

Warframe’s main quest and biggest antagonists will return to the game later this year with the release of a new content expansion, The New War.

Lore-wise, The New War is a continuation of an ancient conflict between a group of AI known as the Sentients and the player-controlled space ninjas known as Tenno.

For the first time, however, players won’t be flipping and dodging in their usual Warframes. Instead, players can take the role of characters from around the Origin System who usually don’t get the spotlight. Grineer Soldier Kahl-175, Corpus Engineer Veso, and long-time NPC ally Teshin all showed up as playable characters in an upcoming New War quest.

During TennoCon, players could watch the digital stream on Twitch or show up in game and go to a special Relay. There, Digital Extremes loaded in scenes and moments from the story so far to help remind everyone what The New War is about. It’s hard to explain much without going into spoilers, but fans are excited because this story has been building for years. Everyone wants to see what happens to characters like Lotus, aka Space Mom.

The New War will come out later this year, along with cross-progression and cross-play across all consoles.

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