[Watch] Star-studded commentary panel makes their India vs New Zealand final predictions

The India vs New Zealand World Test Championship (WTC) has grabbed headlines in the last few weeks, with fans and pundits deliberating on team selections, strategies and match-ups.

Now the commentary panel of the inaugural WTC Final has revealed its predictions, with the ICC posting a clip of the same on Friday.

The star-studded commentary panel was evenly split when asked to share their predictions for the India vs New Zealand clash.

Craig McMillan and Simon Doull didn’t shy away from backing their home side, with the duo backing New Zealand to end their trophy drought in ICC competitions.

“I think you could flip a coin if you are trying to pick a side who could win. But I guess with my New Zealand hat on, I think we perhaps have got a slight advantage over India. But it is going to be very close. It is going to be a cracker,” Craig McMillan said. “I hate that question! But from a personal point of view, New Zealand obviously,” said Simon Doull.

Sunil Gavaskar followed the trend and backed his home side, explaining how India’s ‘impact players’ could be the difference on the big stage.

“I think India are going to win, and I am not saying that only because I am an Indian. I just believe India have got far more impact players (than New Zealand),” said Sunil Gavaskar.

Ian Bishop predicts a draw between India and New Zealand

Kumar Sangakkara gave a characteristically diplomatic answer, suggesting the Black Caps are slightly ahead on current form.

“I just think that overall game-wise, India probably have a better-balanced side. But New Zealand on form may have a slight edge. It is going to be a fantastic game. Two best Test sides, playing in a World Test Championship Final is nothing more than you could have hoped for. Yes I am expecting it to be a very good and close game,” Kumar Sangakkara said

But it was Ian Bishop who may have taken the cake with his prediction, as the former cricketer was the only one to predict a draw in the WTC final.

“Given the weather around, I am going to go down the middle of the road and say it is going to be a draw and both teams split,” said Ian Bishop

With the start of the India-New Zealand clash delayed due to rain and the forecast for the rest of the game looking bleak, Ian Bishop may be the only one to get his prediction right.

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