Waze adds Halo’s Master Chief as a navigation voice for a limited time

Didn’t get an invite from Microsoft to the Halo Infinite technical preview? That’s okay. The company has a consolation prize for you. Microsoft and 343 Industries have partnered with Waze to bring the Master Chief and Escharum, his Banished foil in Infinite’s upcoming story campaign, to the navigation app. For a limited time, you can give Waze a Halo makeover.

As part of the experience, you can have the voice of either Master Chief or Escharum provide you with directions. It’s also possible to change your car’s live map icon to either a Warthog or Ghost and update your profile “mood” to feature the visage of the Spartan or alien war chief. Waze didn’t say how long the experience will run, but you can enable it by navigating to the “My Waze” section of the app and selecting the Halo banner.

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