Wendy Williams’ Comment Section Is In Shambles

AHT AHT! Actress and entrepreneur Tabitha Brown’s fans aren’t the ones to play with! After Wendy Williams commented on Auntie Tabby’s husband retiring from the LAPD, the “Tabby Gang” has been going off in Wendy’s comment section. Chile, they’re saying auntie is off limits & being that she’s vegan, they have been droppin’ avocado and vegetable emojis all up and down Wendy’s page.

The fans are applying so much pressure that they might be up there with the Beyhive. One commented about the classy clap-back Tabby dropped on the ‘gram this afternoon. “Tell someone to f**k off without them telling him to f**k off, and that is how you shut a pathetic hater all the way down. Such a beautiful woman inside and out, and her spirit is one that no soul can duplicate or take away from her. @Wendywilliams get a life.”

While some Tabby fans kept it cute, some of them had time to be a little petty. One commented, “Child Tabitha cleared you like a credit screen lmfaooo. I love to see it.” The Roommates were surprised to see fans going so hard in Wendy’s comments, and the conversation didn’t stop there. Tabby was trending number six on Twitter.

With new eyes on Tabby, this is great publicity for her being that it was just announced that she is collaborating with the McCormick Spice brand to create a new all-purpose seasoning salt that everyone can enjoy. ‘Sunshine’ is described as a salt-free, Caribbean-inspired flavor, to sweet and savory dishes with a mix of garlic, ginger, pineapple, and mango. The seasoning will be available next week.

Roommates, are y’all here for the Tabby Gang’s antics?

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