What is rooted dirt in Minecraft?

The Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update added a wide variety of new blocks to the game, one of them being rooted dirt.

Previous versions of Minecraft already featured various forms of dirt blocks prior to the latest update, but rooted dirt has been added to the list. This block functions quite differently than the other established dirt blocks, however.

Pictured in the middle row of the image above, rooted dirt has a similar visual texture to both dirt blocks and granite blocks.

The following is a basic guide to the rooted dirt Minecraft block.

Rooted dirt in Minecraft

What’s different?

Image via Reddit
Image via Reddit

As mentioned, Minecraft features different forms of dirt blocks such as a grass block or coarse dirt. Rooted dirt should be considered separate from these blocks as they exist for different purposes. However, rooted dirt is similar to coarse dirt in the way that grass and other non-designated plants cannot grow on it.

Rooted dirt has an in-game counterpart, the azalea tree. Rooted dirt blocks act as the actual roots of these new trees, hence the name. Where there is an azalea tree, there is rooted dirt directly underneath.

Where is it?

Image via Reddit Image via Minecraft.net
Image via Reddit Image via Minecraft.net

Rooted dirt blocks and the accompanying azalea trees naturally generate in areas above lush cave biomes. The roots of the trees, which are made up of both rooted dirt and hanging roots, can even extend all the way down into the lush caves.

Unfortunately, lush caves are yet to be introduced to Minecraft Java Edition. However, they are available to find on Bedrock Edition. Lush caves are classified as their own biome and generate randomly.

Other ways to obtain it?

Even though rooted dirt only generates under an azalea tree, Minecraft players can still obtain the block without locating an area where it naturally spawns.

Players can receive rooted dirt blocks from the special villager-type mob, the wandering trader. The price for two rooted dirt blocks in one emerald. However, it is not always guaranteed that a wandering trader will have it in stock.

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