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When will John Cena win his seventeenth World Championship?

Will John Cena make history someday?

John Cena is a name synonymous with Hollywood and WWE. But before he made it big in the film industry, Cena was the franchise player for Vince McMahon’s global entertainment company. Few stars can evoke such strong emotions from a live crowd as he is the most divisive figure in professional wrestling.

However, he is also very influential and a role model for many of the younger WWE fans. He personifies hustle, loyalty, and respect.

As one of the most decorated performers in professional wrestling history, John Cena has won sixteen World Championships, an astonishing record he shares with Ric Flair.

The Champ last won the World Title at Royal Rumble 2017 from AJ Styles after an instant classic. Since then, Cena has largely remained aloof from the championship picture, which raises some concerns.

John Cena’s part-time status complicates matters

The leader of the Cenation is no longer a staple for WWE. There was a time when fans were accustomed to watching John Cena open Monday Night RAW with a passionate twenty-minute promo and close out the evening in the main event. However, Cena’s days as a full-time performer are long gone.

The Champ is on the verge of becoming as big of a star as Dwayne Johnson. After all, the two men did take the same route to success. Even though Cena is a meticulous, dedicated man, it is borderline impossible for him to fulfill his responsibilities as a celebrity and also as a wrestler. He also clearly explained why he couldn’t do both simultaneously as the directors and producers weren’t comfortable with him being potentially injured.

Even when John Cena does return to WWE for a program, he isn’t regular. For example, in the lead-up to his WrestleMania 36 match with The Fiend, Cena missed a handful of shows. There have also been numerous instances where the Champ was initially advertised but then had to pull out due to his busy schedule, as was the case with his absence at the 2019 Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

The difference between John Cena and other part-timers is that they have fewer commitments. Therefore, they can fully commit themselves to WWE programming for a while. Edge shows up for a program for a month, but he regularly makes appearances for the span of his entire storyline. Brock Lesnar and Goldberg work similar schedules.

WWE cannot afford to put the top prize on someone if they can only show up to compete once in a while. The fans also take issue with the company’s insistence to put the World Championships on part-timers at the expense of full-time talent. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are fully aware of the fan base’s hatred of this tendency.

Can WWE afford to let such a monumental moment go?

Charlotte Flair, Randy Orton, Triple H, and Edge may beat the Nature Boy’s record of sixteen World Championship reigns. However, the honor should go to John Cena.

For starters, he is a larger-than-life Superstar with a fan-following from professional wrestling and Hollywood. If Cena is advertised in a World Championship match, thousands of screaming fans will show up to witness one of professional wrestling’s most remarkable creations.

Secondly, John Cena has been devoted and dedicated to WWE. He is always there for Vince McMahon when the boss needs him, and the locker room showers the Champ with respect. He has been the cornerstone of a whole generation and is the perfect man to break such a long-standing record.

The ovation Cena would receive upon winning his next World Championship would be mind-blowing. It will be much louder than the one he got when he defeated AJ Styles at the 2017 Royal Rumble.

However, should WWE crown a champion just for the sake of a magical moment? If so, then should John Cena drop the title immediately after winning?

Right now, it’s extremely difficult to say with certainty, but anything is possible.

John Cena is rumored to face Roman Reigns at SummerSlam this year. Will he come out victorious and make history? Given how dominant the Tribal Chief has been, it may seem unlikely. However, it is an excellent opportunity and maybe WWE’s last for a long time.

Such monumental occasions should be reserved for WrestleMania. Speaking of which, the Showcase of Immortals heads to Hollywood, which will be John Cena’s second home in 2023. By then, the landscape of WWE could be very different. Currently, the company is reeling from the effects of the global pandemic, and such a decision is quite risky.

If the situation permits, then WrestleMania Hollywood is the perfect place for John Cena’s most significant victory.

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