Where is Hulk Hogan now?

Hulk Hogan, with due apologies to Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and John Cena, is undoubtedly the most popular WWE Superstar in the history of the business.

Wikipedia describes him as a retired professional wrestler, but can you really retire if you are Hulk Hogan? He didn’t just play a character for a few years. He embodied a persona that has become an integral part of pop culture.

Fans still ask – where is Hulk Hogan now? We shall try to answer the question in this article.

When is Hulk Hogan coming back to WWE?

Hulk Hogan was a part of the January 4 episode of RAW, where he teamed up with his old pal Jimmy Hart. The two men even had a memorable segment with two of the current generation’s biggest stars – Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

More recently, he was a part of WrestleMania 37, hosting the historic event with Titus O’Neil. Hogan is likely to return to action when the company requires him. Whether it’s a bump in the ratings or a segment to put a younger star over, he is the man for the job.

Hulk Hogan is currently gearing up for the massive upcoming biopic where Chris Hemsworth of Thor fame will portray the legend. He even put the actor over on his Instagram.

Hulk Hogan is still in great shape and can be found at Hogan’s Beach Shop in Florida. Here is the official Facebook page description.

Hogan’s beach shop is jam packed with awesome memorabilia spanning throughout the Hulkster’s career. Bring the family to stop by and take pictures with the classic Hulk Hogan Hulkamania wax figure, the nWo Hollywood Hogan, and Hogan in Rocky III, Thunderlips!

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