Where to find Clancy Manor in Fallout 76

Clancy Manor is an area with some valuable pickups that Fallout 76 players might want to try and locate.

Even though it has been out for a while, many players are deciding to open their old Fallout 76 play files again. This is because the new Steel Reign has been released from Bethesda since July 7th.

This promises to be an interesting addition to Fallout 76 that will end the arc of the Brotherhood of Steel. When picking up the game again, though, it doesn’t hurt to circle back to areas to find loot that players might have missed the first time around. Here is how to get to Clancy Manor.

Location for large source of loot in Fallout 76

It may be a little difficult to spot, but Clancy Manor is located on the edge of The Forest in Appalachia. Essentially, players should look for where the Toxic Valley meets The Forest.

Anyone who needs specific help finding Clancy Manor can look above Cobbleton Farm or to the left of Hemlock Holes.

As to why Fallout 76 players are going to want to spot this place out, Clancy Manor is a decent source of consumables that can help in any playthrough of the game. Perhaps the most valuable thing players can pick up is the Vault-Tec Bobblehead.

Bobbleheads are big in Fallout 76, and every player should grab one if they spot one out. Bottleheads essentially improve characters in one stat area. The one in Clancy Manor is located on the roof of the building by two sets of windows.

Bobbleheads aren’t the only thing to be found, though. A magazine, recipe and fusion core can all be grabbed at Clancy Manor as well.

There is also a holotape found in Clancy Manor, recorded by one of the Mothmen. The tape is specifically Chapter 7, for those who have been keeping up with the lore in the game.

Clancy Manor has a rather interesting history in the lore. It was a popular spot for raiders before the events of the game and later became a big stronghold for the Cult of the Mothman.

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