Where to find Petalcaps in New World

New World has a lot of resources to keep track of and find around the world of Aeternum, which includes items like Saltpeter or Petalcaps. Unlike Saltpeter or basic Iron, though, Petalcaps are less used and harder to find.

Many resources in New World are incredibly easy to find and can be harvested quickly. Most of the time, all it takes is a bit of exploration to find the desired base-level resources.

However, as users look for more extensive resources, player-made maps provide some relief when time can’t be spared. For items like Saltpeter and Petalcaps, more assistance might be needed.

Luckily, locations for Petalcaps have already been discovered in New World, and players can collect what they need in no time. The first step is to take a peak at the map and look toward the First Light area.

Players should head there to begin their search for Petalcap resources.

Once in the First Light area, the next step is to head north towards the border of the area. The border should be between First Light and Windsward, where players can search from west to east in search of Petalcap. In that area, there should be more than enough resources to collect for anyone that is questing and needs the item.

The Petalcaps themselves are small, green, and appear like small bushes around the area. They can be hard to miss, but with a watchful eye, players can easily spot and collect them as they move along the border.

What are the Petalcap resources used for in New World?

Many of the resources in New World are used for crafting or reinforcing items that are already available. Overall, most of them serve an immediate purpose that can be useful throughout the game. Petalcaps, however, are in a category of their own.

Rather than being a part of the crafting system, Petalcap resources are one of the steps that players need to complete in a quest called Weakness of the Ego. In order to progress in the given quest, around 12 Petalcaps must be collected along with another item called Rivercrest.

Having both items on hand will allow players to progress through Weakness of the Ego.

At first, finding the Petalcaps can seem like an annoying challenge, especially because their location isn’t clear. However, once the location is known, collecting them in New World is one quick chore before the next quest step.

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