Where to get clay in Minecraft Skyblock?

In Minecraft Skyblock, clay is an item that is notoriously difficult to obtain.

Skyblock is one of the most popular Minecraft mini-games at the moment. It involves surviving with the bare minimum on a tiny floating island with limited resources.

Because items are so scarce in Skyblock, at some point players will likely start to wonder where clay can be collected.

When it comes to finding clay in Skyblock, the options are quite limited, but it is not impossible. Players need to put on their exploration caps if they hope to find any precious resource let alone clay.

This article explains what Minecraft players can do to find clay while playing this mini-game.

How to get clay in Minecraft Skyblock

Image via LavaHawk on YouTube
Image via LavaHawk on YouTube

Overall, clay is incredibly rare in Skyblock. Because of this, however, the clay minions that the item can be turned into end up being extremely valuable. This payoff can make the journey of obtaining clay worthwhile.

One way to obtain clay in Minecraft Skyblock is through fishing. Players can use their fishing rod in any body of water in Skyblock for a chance of fishing up pieces of clay.

It should be noted, however, that this particular fishing method is not guaranteed for clay collection. Only sometimes will clay appear via fishing from a random water source.

While there are multiple different servers that gamers can play Skyblock on, Hypixel is by far the most popular in the Minecraft community. The best way to get clay on the Hypixel online Minecraft server specifically is in one every specific lake.

Hypixel Skyblock players should travel to the water by the Fisherman’s Hut if they are in desperate need of a large amount of clay. When fishing in this area, the chances of finding clay will skyrocket.

This quick video by LavaHawk on YouTube might help players with navigating the Hypixel Skyblock server when searching for the Fisherman’s Hut:

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