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Where to place welcome signs at Pleasant Park & Lazy Lake

Welcome to the Fortnite week 3 Legendary challenges(Image via Fortnite/Epic Games)

Ever since Fortnite Season 7 began, challenges, in general, have been given a facelift. Players don’t have to commit to a mindless repetitive grind for experience points anymore. Both Epic and Legendary challenges feel fresh every week.

This week’s Legendary challenges task players to complete some interesting jobs in-game. They range from talking to Dr. Slone to collecting cat food, and by the looks of it, Epic Games is going all out to make these challenges fun and entertaining.

The particular Legendary challenge in question will task players to put up welcome signs at Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake. By the looks of it, these welcome signs are for the alien invaders. Guess they must want to join the Cosmic Summer party as well.

Players will have to place four signs in total to complete the quest. Given that there are two locations mentioned in the challenge, players will have to place two signs each at the given locations.

Completing this Legendary challenge will reward players with 30,000 experience points. So, without further ado, it’s time to welcome players and aliens alike to the Summer Cosmic Party.

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How to complete the “Place welcome signs in Pleasant Park and Lazy Lake” week 3 Legendary challenge in Fortnite Season 7

There are nine locations in total where players can place these welcome signs. Five are in Pleasant Park, and four are in Lazy lake. Here are the locations:

Pleasant Park

  • Northeast of Pleasant Park, by the road leading eastward players will find a sign location
  • Outside a house in the northwest and southwest corner of the area, players will find two more sign locations
  • Another location can be found at the western side of the soccer pitch at Pleasant Park
  • The last location can be found at the center of the POI

Lazy Lake

  • East of Lazy Lake players can find sign locations next to a steel gate
  • Just outside the Cap’N Carp next to the canoes players will find another sign location
  • When entering Lazy Lake from the east, players will find a sign location just before the toll booth
  • Players will find the last sing locations outside the area of the house with the pool in Lazy Lake

Watch this video for more information:

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