Which gun is better in Valorant Episode 3?

It is a commonly debated issue in Valorant whether the Vandal or Phantom is the superior gun, as they both cost the same amount.

Valorant has a variety of weapons to choose from, but the most picked ones are Vandal and Phantom. With the most recent Episode 3 update, plenty of weapon price changes have been implemented, but the prices of these two remain unchanged.

Comparison between Phantom and Vandal in Valorant

Both these weapons are equally powerful in specific situations and have their own disadvantages as well.


In Valorant, the Vandal is a weapon that is useful for eliminating enemies at all ranges. Vandal’s advantage is its potential to one-shot players within a range of 50 meters, as it deals 160 damage when the shot lands on the head. But on the downside, it has a difficult recoil pattern, so players will have to stick to tapping rather than spraying.

Prime Vandal (Image via Riot)
Prime Vandal (Image via Riot)

If the pros and cons are listed for Vandal, they are as follows:

Pros to using a Vandal:

  • Has a longer range than Phantom
  • Accurate when tapping
  • One-shot headshot till the range of 50 meters

Cons to using a Vandal:

  • Hard to control recoil
  • Slower fire rate than Phantom
  • Unpredictable spray pattern

When it comes to long-range combat in Valorant, Vandal is extremely powerful, but when it comes to CQC (Close Quarter Combat), Vandal’s rate of fire may disappoint.

If range is taken out of the equation, the Vandal is pretty powerful for a gun priced at 2900 credits. With very low damage drop-off and one-shot kill features, Vandal is the go-to for any player who has good aim and confidence in gunfights.

About Phantom:

The Phantom is much easier to control than Vandal. Phantom almost stays where it is pointed when spraying with it, with a much better rate of fire than the Vandal. Phantom’s disadvantage is its inability to perform a single headshot kill.

Prime 2.0 Phantom (Image via Riot)
Prime 2.0 Phantom (Image via Riot)

Pros for using a Phantom:

  • Silenced and no bullet tracer
  • Has a faster rate of fire than Vandal
  • Better spray control

Cons for using a Phantom:

  • The damage falls off from 15 meters and again from 30 meters range
  • Not good for long-range gunfights

It is largely dependent on a Valorant player’s preferences and gameplay style, but professionals typically prefer the Vandal for its one-shot capabilities. But because of the Phantom’s spray pattern, it is much more user-friendly.

The suppression on this gun leaves no bullet trails, which doesn’t give enemies much information about where they are getting shot from. Phantom also has a larger magazine than Vandal, allowing it to last longer.

Ultimately, the Vandal is slightly better than Phantom in terms of tapping accuracy and damage range up to 50m in Valorant. But at the end of the day, it goes without saying – to each his own.

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