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Who is WOWMAN? The streamer often seen on Sinatraa’s Valorant streams

Sinatraa is one of the most popular Valorant pros today (Image via YouTube)

Jay “Sinatraa” Won is no stranger to players who follow Valorant esports. The professional player represents team Sentinels but is currently inactive due to a six-month suspension.

Before joining Sentinels’ Valorant team, Sinatraa used to play Overwatch and won the Overwatch League 2019. He represented the United States in the Overwatch World Cup from 2017 to 2019, finally succeeding in 2019 after defeating China.

Sinatraa’s suspension might have stopped him from playing on competitive stages, but it hasn’t prevented him from streaming Valorant on Twitch. And when talking about his streams, another name that comes to mind is undoubtedly WOWMAN.

The Sinatraa-WOWMAN duo in Valorant

WOWMAN’s identity is a popular topic among Sinatraa fans, many of who believe his real identity to be Lastro_OW. Sinatraa’s involvement in the Overwatch competitive scene gives support to this theory.

Some fans, on the other hand, believe WOWMAN is Sinatraa’s favorite fan. Even if both theories are correct, nothing can hide the fact that WOWMAN has his own fan base on Sinatraa’s stream.

It’s not surprising that WOWMAN has gotten so much attention. Fans laugh at the random and funny things he does on Sinatraa’s Valorant stream. WOWMAN’s mysteriousness also strikes the curiosity of fans’ minds, who want to see more of him.

However, there are also claims that Jung-won “Lastro” Mun is WOWMAN. He is currently a support player for the Overwatch team Toronto Defiant.

On June 12th, Lastro tweeted a Valorant screenshot with the word “wow” written on it. That word fits WOWMAN’s style, but that’s not proof enough of the two being the same person.

WOWMAN is loved by all, and many fans greatly appreciate the energy and moments he brings to the streams. His appearance on Sinatraa’s stream keeps fans begging for more of his content, while the latter also seems to enjoy WOWMAN’s presence during his Valorant streams.

Many people are curious about the identity of this anonymous content creator. However, many feel it is better suited if his identity is not revealed for the sake of fan service.

The iconic duo will continue to make appearances together, and fans will always welcome them with open arms.

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