Woman claims stinky Tinder date tried to sue her over no sex

She didn’t want him to take her to funky town.

A Canadian woman is claiming that an odoriferous Tinder date tried suing her for turning down sex — as he claims that she had violated their “verbal contract.” A video chronicling the uproarious incident currently boasts almost 250,000 views on TikTok.

The alleged victim, Emily Mackinnon, set the smelly scene. “So we matched on Tinder,” she said in the video. “He was a law student at the time. We went back to his place. It was implied that we were gonna hook up, but I never explicitly stated that.”

However, the influencer quickly pulled the plug on hanky-panky after her date “removed his undergarments” and released the stench, she said.

“I was standing up and I still smelled it,” recounted Mackinnon, adding that “there was like skid marks in his undies and he had not washed in a long time and he needed some new Fruit of the Looms.”

Mackinnon aired the smelly fellow's dirty laundry in a series of viral TikTok videos.
Mackinnon aired the smelly fellow’s dirty laundry in a series of viral TikTok videos.

Suffice it to say, the aspiring lawyer didn’t appreciate her turning her nose up at him and decided to pursue legal action.

“I left and a few days later, he had paid someone to serve me with papers to like sue me for breaking a verbal contract,” Mackinnon claimed. “But it’s OK. I fixed it because he had spent a bunch of the time telling me about how his dad’s a lawyer, so I made an appointment with his dad and just like told on him to his dad.”

She concluded the vid by lambasting her former funk-buddy, who reportedly is now a real “lawyer employed by his dad,” per the clip.

The grossed-out gal wrote, “And to Chad, the man who tried to sue me, I know you watch every single thing that I do. We met one time. You’re musty. That’s really lame. You need to move it along, buddy.”

Years have passed since the failed lawsuit, but Mackinnon’s malodorous former match raised a stink recently after she recounted the funky fiasco in a promo for her new podcast, “Been There Bestie,” in which she played a humorous snippet in a TikTok video.

“We get to the stage where he is removing his undergarments. And when I tell you it was a sight — it was a f–king sight,” Mackinnon can be heard describing in the trailer.

Mackinnon said that her malodorous Tinder Match tried to serve her a cease and desist for "slandering" him on camera.
Mackinnon said her malodorous Tinder match tried to serve her a cease-and-desist for “slandering” him on camera.

Less than 12 hours later, the podcaster reportedly received a cease-and-desist order, a document demanding that someone stop an alleged illegal activity.

She shared the laughable letter in another TikTok clip.

“Dear Emily,” the alleged legal letter reads. “Slander of the victim, Chad [last name redacted], by online social media platforms specifically TikTok under the username ‘your big sis emi’ […] includes but is not limited to negative comments regarding the victims [sic] personal hygiene practices.”

The stinky suitor added that Mackinnon’s “slanderous activity has potential to result in loss of income for the victim due to reputation damage,” and ordered her to “cease and desist all further actions described.”

Fortunately, the doc was nothing to worry about, according to a litigator whom Mackinnon knew.

“The lawyer I talked to pretty much laughed at this,” the online personality wrote in the comments. Per a previous video, the lawyer had also told her that her actions are “apparently not slander because nobody can tell who he is.”

Mackinnon had apparently also called his law firm, which informed her that he’d composed the document “on his own time.” It didn’t even have the law firm’s logo on it, she said.

Social media was in hysterics over the onerous incident.

“Wait….What?? This can’t be real!!” one aghast gawker said of the sex-spurning lawsuit.

Another online commenter wrote, “What about No means No at any point!! That’s the one contract a person can break!”

“This is incredible also if you’re seeing this Chad, move along and go do laundry,” exclaimed another.

One commenter suggested that Mackinnon try to get the fellow disbarred, to which she replied, “I want to but I also don’t wanna ruin anyone’s whole career like I’d feel bad even tho he’s a creep.”

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