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WWE has accepted John Morrison’s pitch of his own cryptocurrency

John Morrison with The Miz

John Morrison has had a relatively successful run since his return to WWE last year. Only recently, however, has he had the opportunity to really showcase his creativity as a singles star.

During a conversation with DAZN (H/T/ to Fightful), Morrison revealed how he recently pitched a pretty wild idea to WWE, and apparently WWE is running with it: John Morrison’s own cryptocurrency.

“They [WWE] want to do crypto drip. I pitched that for two months. That fits so many things,” Morrison said.

Cryptocurrency is a form of currency that uses digital files as money – files that are then encrypted to keep them secure. It’s nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend, and can then be used just like regular currency, but the transactions cannot be traced.

John Morrison wouldn’t be the first professional wrestler to have his own cryptocurrency though. A little over a week ago, AEW star Maxwell Jacob Friedman revealed that he had recently started his own via rally.io.

John Morrison feels now is his opportunity to shine

Since Morrison’s return, he’s been teaming up again with his longtime partner, The Miz. They were even the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. However, fans have been wanting to see the same type of singles run for John Morrison that he enjoyed in Impact Wrestling and Lucha Underground.

“It feels like I’m in a unique position right now to showcase everything I’m capable of, not just physically in the ring, but promo-wise, charisma-wise. I feel like I pitch an idea every week. Some of them are dumb; some aren’t,” Morrison said.

One of those pitches turned into the “Drip Drip Stick,” a foam tube water gun that’s been so successful that WWE even trademarked the name.

While we wish The Miz a speedy recovery, it’s great to see Morrison finally getting the chance to shine in his own right.

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