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WWE legend reveals when Jimmy Uso could turn on Roman Reigns

Could Jimmy Uso turn on Roman Reigns?

Jimmy Uso faced Dolph Ziggler in single’s action on WWE SmackDown last night. There was a nasty spot where Ziggler hit Uso with a Zig-Zag into the steel steps. However, Jimmy Uso managed to regroup and win after hitting Ziggler with a superkick.

He looked happy with himself as he walked to the back where WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman watched proceedings on a monitor.

Neither Reigns nor Heyman reacted to Jimmy Uso’s win, and Heyman then stopped him from following them back out for the final segment of the show.

Speaking on Sportskeeda’s SmackTalk, wrestling legend Dutch Mantell gave his take on what happened. Dutch felt that there was a chance that we could see Jimmy Uso turn on his cousin in the future:

“That made him a bigger heel than what he was. He’s a bully. He doesn’t give anybody proper credit. That’s his family so like keeping the family together but then dismissed him and went to the ring. That’s why when he got in the ring I thought Uso would come and answer him somehow. I don’t think that turn will come until they go back on the road because there’s no need to. It’d be dead by the time they go on the road the way they’re doing things. But if they do it, maybe it gives Roman something to do to get to SummerSlam.” said Mantell

You can watch the entire episode of Smack Talk here:

Edge returned on WWE SmackDown

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman were in the ring for the final segment of WWE SmackDown. Following Roman’s win over Rey Mysterio at Hell In A Cell last week, Paul Heyman lamented that there were no credible challengers left to face the Tribal Chief.

Edge’s music hit at this point as the Rated-R Superstar returned to WWE. The former WWE Champion charged straight at Reigns. Edge hit Roman with a Spear and went for the Conchairto.

Jimmy Uso came out to make the save but was tossed into the stairs by the Rated-R Superstar, who then hit Uso with a Spear through the barricade. The night ended with Edge standing tall in the middle of the ring.

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