WWE News Roundup (June 18, 2021)

We are back with another exciting WWE News Roundup.

This week, a former head writer has pitched a romance storyline for Mandy Rose. John Cena spoke about his rumored rival for SummerSlam 2021. Stephanie McMahon made a bold claim regarding WWE’s future.

Meanwhile, the current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley revealed a few secrets about how he stays in shape. Additionally, King Corbin reacted to an AEW star becoming the first-ever pro wrestler to launch his own cryptocurrency.

Let’s dive straight into the latest WWE News Roundup.

#5 Vince Russo’s daring storyline for WWE Superstar Mandy Rose

Vince Russo revealed why an onscreen relationship between tag team partners Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke would be a good idea.

The former WWE head writer feels there isn’t a solid reason why Rose and Brooke became a team in the first place. Hence, if WWE could book them as a serious romantic couple, it could add an interesting context to their onscreen pairing.

Here’s what Vince Russo said on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Writing with Russo with Dr. Chris Featherstone:

“If they [Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke] were a couple [on screen], they would really care about each other,” Vince Russo said, “And if one of them got hurt, if somebody got heat on one of them, that changes the stakes a little bit. ‘It isn’t just my tag team partner now, this is my soulmate,’ so to speak.”

In the Writing With Russo episode, he further pitched that antagonists like Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler could attack Mandy Rose or Dana Brooke to build emotional conflict in the team. Russo also brought up a few romantic storylines from the past to substantiate his opinion:

“What’s the difference between this and DDP & Kimberly? Savage and Elizabeth? Kurt Angle and Karen Angle? We’ve gone through the relationship thing a million times,” Russo said. “I am looking at this [Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke] the same exact way. You could do a breakup angle. You could do a ‘what would a Page [DDP] do or a Savage do if their lady was really hurt and injured by somebody?’ There really is a lot you could do.”

In an era where same-sex relationships are the norm, Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke’s romantic storyline should be executed tastefully, according to Russo.

Do you think WWE’s higher-ups would be willing to do the same somewhere down the road?

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