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WWE star Becky Lynch lends voice to incredible BT Sport promo for Conor McGregor’s upcoming fight at UFC 264

Becky Lynch and Conor McGregor

Former WWE women’s champion Becky Lynch has lent her voice to a thrilling BT Sport promo for the UFC 264 headliner featuring Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. The minute-long promo documents the highs and lows of McGregor’s incredible career thus far.

Highlighting the polarizing persona of ‘The Notorious,’ Becky Lynch says that for warriors like herself and fellow countryman McGregor, ‘it’s not where the journey takes them but where it ends.’ This quote alludes to the possibility of Conor McGregor overcoming all odds and reaching the pinnacle of success inside the octagon one more time before hanging up his gloves.

Watch the promo video below:

“Some are born to take the middle path, the safe stretch of road but us warriors are born with something in us. The light in the dark, the fire and the ice, the good and the bad. It takes us down a different path, a path to glory that threatens to destroy us. For each battle is not fought in the canvas but the arena of the mind, where there is a fine line between genius and madness. Loved for the enemies slain, loathed for the destruction left behind. For the most notorious, it’s not where the journey takes them but when the journey ends. So go forth brother, and let the battle begin,” said Becky Lynch in the promo.

Before ending the narration, Lynch referred to McGregor as a ‘brother’ and asked him to ‘go forth and let the battle begin!’ Becky Lynch did a fantastic job with the voice-over, and ‘The Man’ is being showered with praise by combat sports enthusiasts and journalists on social media.

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Tyson Fury claims this is ‘the final roll of the dice’ for Conor McGregor

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury is a staunch believer in Conor McGregor’s fighting prowess, even though the Irishman was knocked out in his last fight. In a recent conversation with Michael Bisping, Fury picked Conor McGregor to beat Dustin Poirier at UFC 264.

Having said that, Fury also claimed that this is the final roll of the dice for ‘The Notorious.’ He was probably alluding to the fact that this might be McGregor’s last chance to bag himself another title fight before calling time on his career.

“Well, it is Conor McGregor’s final roll of the dice. If he loses this one, it’s curtains… Yeah, I think he wins the fight. I think he wins in style as well, to be fair.”

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