How to Remove Your IP From xResolver For Free?

The internet has brought us a mix of good and bad. Out of the mix, one thing that everyone enjoys doing online is playing online games. They are fun, entertaining and are enough to keep you engaged from the get-go. However, with the fun comes to the risks of getting your IP address disclosed to the hackers. This is a very common issue that the majority of people experience. 

Playing games online lead to heightened risks of experiencing DDoS attacks online. So, being concerned about your online privacy when you are playing games is a requirement, more than an option. 

However, just because these issues persist doesn’t mean you have to worry about the risks that these attacks bring you. Typically, there are some constructive ways in which you can prevent DDoS attacks by having your IP address leaked.

What is xResolver?

xResolver is a popular open online database that keeps logs of the Gamertags and the IP addresses of the online gamers. This often happens when individuals are playing their favorite online games via different gaming consoles, including Xbox, PlayStation and even their PC.

Although keeping a record of the IP addresses and the personal tags can seem illegal to begin with, it isn’t. This is public information and hence having all the scoped information on a website like xResolver is not illegal at all.

Besides keeping the database of all the recorded IP addresses, another common service that this platform provides is by helping the user’s blacklist their IP addresses from their website. For the most part, it is a paid or premium service that you need to pay an amount for. This is one of the main reasons why people often avoid blacklisting their IP address via this platform.

Why should you blacklist your IP address?

If you have your IP address tagged and registered on xResolver, you are putting a lot of your personal information at stake. If the hackers decrypt the IP address and gain access to your device, there are chances that they will also gain access to the basic information available on the platform.

This is the absolute last thing that anyone needs. Besides the private information, IP addresses also disclose the general location of the user to the hackers. 

So, if there is a gamer online who is trying to avenge their loss in the game, having access to your address or where you particularly live can be life-threatening too.

Technically, several online tools help pick up and scope down the different IP addresses of the users who are indulging in the online game at the moment. Tools like OctaSniff are notoriously known to help hackers with the same.

Once the IP addresses and the Gamertag information are unlocked and decrypted, they are put out on the general database of xResolver. The users have the choice to leave their IP address public or they can pay a certain amount to get the same blacklisted.

How to Blacklist IP Address from xResolver for free?

Any time you think of getting your IP address blacklisted from xResolver, you will come across the paid options. That is what happens commonly. Most of the effective ways are paid. However, not everyone has the means or wants to pay an additional amount of money to conceal something that shouldn’t have been public in the first place.

If you are someone from the latter list, we have some constructive ways lined up that can help you sort out the blacklisting process without paying a dime.

  • Start with paid VPN

Yes, there is nothing better than works in concealing your IP address than a VPN service. And even then, we are talking about the paid VPN services and not the free ones. They are effective in concealing your IP address when you are surfing or browsing the web.

The way they work is by establishing a remote server in between and concealing the actual IP address from where you are playing. This misleads the hackers and doesn’t get them the direct sourced IP address to the user’s computer or gaming console, securing their gaming experience online.

  • Contact your ISP

If you are consistently noticing issues with IP address hacking and similar privacy threats, your ISP can help you out. They have the tools and means to change and switch up your IP address. Keep in mind that the change is only possible if you are using a static IP. This doesn’t work for dynamic IP.

In the case of dynamic IP, restarting your wifi can help switch up the IP address without many issues. You can do this a few times to keep the IP address out of the reach of the hackers.

  • Practice same gaming

Online game rooms can be a fun way to spend time and even meet new people. However, it brings along a lot of risks that you probably don’t want to experience in the future. So, when it comes to playing online games and joining random stranger game rooms, you need to be selective about the process.

Make sure you only join the rooms that you know people in and ones that are verified and reliable. This can reduce your risks of being in the same company as a potential hacker.

  • Get rid of suspicious people

In gaming rooms, you should have access to a friend’s list. If that is the case and there are people that you haven’t played with or don’t trust, we’d recommend removing them from the list. This can further reduce the risks of getting hacked.


Blacklisting or preventing your IP address from getting listed on xResolver doesn’t always have to be a paid affair. Some safe, preventive measures can help too. We’d recommend that you follow along with all the top tricks we have mentioned out in this article that you should follow and implement any time that you consider playing some online games. The better preventive measures you take, the easier it becomes for you to play safely.

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