How to buy XVIX?

The XVIX token is a new financial instrument that increases its value over time which enables it to maintain a constant floor price vs. ETH. At any time, buyers can exchange their XVIX tokens for ETH at the floor price. The floor price is determined as follows:

0.9 * (ETH in Floor) / (total supply of XVIX)

The Floor is an Ethereum Smart Contract that follows this specification at all times. The floor price can rise in one of two ways, according to the formula:

  • More ETH on the Floor.
  • Less XVIX

More ETH

ETH can get used to creating XVIX at a bonding curve-like pricing. That means that as more XVIX coins get produced, the cost of minting rises. The Floor receives all ETH collected from this minting.


Every XVIX transfer consumes 0.43 percent of the total XVIX available. Every hour, 0.02 percent of the XVIX tokens that get not in vaults or Uniswap liquidity pools get burned. These qualities reduce the supply of XVIX while incentivizing the provision of XVIX liquidity.

Looking forward to buying the XVIX crypto but have no idea where to start? Keep scrolling the page and find out the step-by-step process to own this virtual currency.

A Brief Overview of Benefits Of XVIX

There are a few advantages to XVIX tokenomics:

  • When the price of XVIX rises, minting allows value to get permanently captured.
  • The value acquired boosts the floor price and offers a safety blanket for all XVIX investors.
  • Hourly burns penalize short-term sellers of the XVIX token, raising the floor price even more.

The safety net tracks the price of ETH because the floor price is in ETH. A leverage platform is known as X2 also pays fees to the XVIX cryptocurrency.

How to Buy XVIX?

There are no exchanges that sell XVIX for cash and hence you’ll need to finish a three-step process to purchase XVIX:

  • Buy Ether ETH on a reputable crypto exchange.
  • Into your Metamask Wallet, send your new ether ETH.
  • Connect Metamask to and replace ether ETH with XVIX in the ether ETH field.

Continue reading for step-by-step directions that are straightforward to follow.

  • Trade Cash For Crypto

If you don’t already have cryptocurrency, the first step is to get some. You will purchase some Ether ETH in this phase. You’re buying Ether, so you’ll be able to exchange it for XVIX in step 3. By requiring only one trade, fees will get reduced. After you’ve signed up with Binance, follow the instructions on the website to fund your account and make your first Ethereum purchase.

  • Send Ether To A Crypto Wallet

You must now send your ether ETH from your Binance exchange account to an Ethereum-compatible wallet such as Metamask.

How to set up Metamask

  • Go to
  • Get the Metamask app for iOS or Android or the Chrome browser plugin.
  • Complete the wallet set up, paying attention to the Secret Recovery Seed Phrase. You will lose your money for good if you lose access to your wallet and fail to retrieve it using your backup recovery phrase.

How to send Ether (ETH) to Metamask

  • Click “Receive” and then “Copy” to copy your new Metamask wallet address.
  • To withdraw your Ether balance, go to your Binance wallet and click “Withdraw.”
  • Copy the Metamask wallet address and paste it in.
  • To make sure there were no copy/paste problems, compare the address you pasted to the address in your Metamask.
  • When you’re sure that the addresses are correct, “withdraw” your ETH from Binance.
  • Connect Metamask To A Price Aggregator

You’ll get the best price to buy XVIX now that you have ETH in your Metamask wallet.

How to find the best price for XVIX?

On Ethereum, there are numerous decentralized exchanges where you can purchase XVIX. You may choose one and use it, hoping for the best deal. You might also utilize a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator to find the price. A DEX aggregator, such as, employs open Defi programs to compare prices across various marketplaces and then allows you to execute that trade instantly. By automatically selecting the best pricing, 1inch saves you time and money.


The XVIX token is a new financial instrument that increases in value over time. XVIX is a coin that absorbs volatility and is the first to use non-uniform rebasing to incentivize liquidity provision without creating sell pressure.

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