‘You’re one of the worst governors in Florida history’

On  Wednesday, the host went after Florida Governor Ron Desantis. A recent showed the governor holding a bit of a lead over former President Donald Trump for the 2024 presidential race. But as Bee sees it, that’s not necessarily a good thing for DeSantis, or for those who despise Trump.

“Ron DeSantis isn’t exactly a genius,” Bee said. “But even a slightly less dumb, more competent version of Trump could be very dangerous. Whether his agenda is passed or not, DeSantis still wins by signaling his Maga values to a base that may be eager for a Trump 2.0.”

To detail some of what she thinks makes him dangerous, Bee pointed to him signing HB1 into law, an anti-riot the Black Lives Matter movement. And he that would have gone toward housing homeless LGBTQ youths, and counseling for survivors of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting.

“Ron DeSantis is so racist he refers to separating his white laundry from his colors as segregation,” Bee said. “Meanwhile he chose to celebrate the first day of Pride month by banning transgender athletes from competing in girls and womens sports.”

Although some fans of the governor were quick to his defense on Twitter, with comments like, “You know the left think Governor Ron DeSantis is a real threat when they have Samantha Bee talking about him!! Leave our Gov alone!!”

But it’s actually that kind of strong support for DeSantis that Bee thinks will make things harder for him down the road.

“For now DeSantis’s biggest weakness might actually be his popularity,” Bee said. “Trump’s fragile ego requires him to lash out at anyone who threatens his dominance. So he’s unlikely to cede the 2024 nomination without a vicious fight. Perhaps our best hope is that the two split the vote and take each other out.”

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