Yung Bleu Gets His Dogs Returned To Him After Threatening To Get ‘Real Ghetto’ At His Estate 

Earlier this week Yung Bleu had an issue with his neighbors and he was able to solve it quickly by issuing a warning on social media.

On Wednesday, he took to his Twitter to announce that his dogs were stolen from his home, and he was pretty sure that one of his neighbors took them. So until his dogs were returned, he was going to give his neighbors a really hard time. He said in a tweet, “Attention to all my neighbors. I tried to be a good neighbor, but ya’ll mfs done stole my damn dogs. I know it sounds funny but look…I’m throwing big loud a** parties every day until my dogs are returned. It’s fenna get real ghetto at my estates.”

He then reposted his tweet to his Instagram and added, “Ain’t nobody getting no rest around this b*tch until my dogs are returned and I’m keeping my bright a** court lights on all night. Ya’ll mfs don’t call complaining about sh*t! I’M FENNA BE WHO YA’LL THOUGHT I WAS GONNA BE CUZ I KNOW IT WAS ONE OF YA’LL MFS. Project X every week around this b*tch, loud music and ghetto sh*t.”

After issuing his warning, it didn’t take too long until his dogs were returned.

We obtained an exclusive video of Yung Bleu getting his dogs returned to him by two women. As they handed his dogs to him, he laughed and said, “Ayeee you found the puppies…no more parties.”


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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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