Yung Bleu Says The Key To Being Faithful Is Staying Off Of Social Media

Yung Bleu has been trying to look out for the young black men by sharing some of the gems he’s learned throughout his life and his most recent piece of advice has the innanet talking! As far as fans knew, Bleu was SINGLE, single, but he revealed he does indeed have a special lady in his life and shared the key to how he stays faithful.

In a tweet, Yung Bleu offered his relationship expertise to black men, advising them to stay away from social media in order to keep their unions thriving.

“My black men if you wanna be faithful just stay off social media,” he wrote. “Post and get tf off ASAP…cuz soon as you start scrolling…boom a** and tities. That’s the devil my brother.”

He went on to explain that social media makes resisting temptation harder and said he was just sharing a portion of a conversation he was having with his “wife”.

“I just acknowledged that social media could be temptation,” Bleu continued. “I never said you had to act on sh*t. But we lying if we say what we see on social media don’t make it harder. For me we just easy. I really was just speaking on a deeper convo me and my wife was having just opening up lol.”

While some folks said Bleu was preaching to the choir, other fans said men need to have more self control as opposed to blaming their infidelities on social media.

“Spitting facts…,” one fan commented. “But temptation is everywhere you allow it to be. Train yourself not to be tempted.”

Another fan’s comment read, “He has a point, but also, social media is a reflection of what you WANT to see. So there’s some personal responsibility, based on the accounts you choose to follow.”

We’re still trynna figure out who the lady in Yung Bleu’s life is and we’ll put y’all on to the tea when we find out, Roomies!

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