Zendaya And Tom Holland Make Out In Public, Finally Confirming Longtime Rumored Romance!

Zendaya and Tom Holland seemed to confirm that they are indeed in a relationship after practically years of rumours! The two Spiderman: Homecoming co-stars caused fans to freak out when they packed some PDA that is super hard to explain away!

As you might remember, these two had a lot of chemistry on screen when they worked on Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home, which established their characters as love interests.

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With that being said, fans have been wanting to see them together, especially since they went on to remain friends after the gig was over!

And now it looks like they got what they wanted because the on-screen romance has moved to real life!

Earlier today, Page Six published several paparazzi pictures that showed the two actors making out while in Los Angeles, proving that they are dating!

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The romance speculations began way back in 2017 when fans started theorizing that Zendaya and Tom were more than just co-stars and platonic friends.

One source shared at the time that ‘They got to know each other while on set. They became friends and they started getting romantic a few months ago. They’re both such great people. It is cool they got together. Everyone gets along with them.’

But even so, both Tom and Zendaya denied the speculations, claiming they were definitely just friends and nothing more!

Not only that but they proceeded to make fun of that idea by joking about it with one another all over social media!

Well, it really sounds like fans were wrong about there being a romantic link between them at the time but now, things have certainly changed so who’s laughing now?

Either way, it appears that the stars are not shying away from showing off their love by packing the PDA so they are expected to open up about it as well at some point!

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