5 best passive abilities in Free Fire after D-Bee’s addition

A character in Free Fire can either have a passive or active ability. Active ones must be manually activated, whereas the former does not. The 40th character has now been added to Free Fire with the recent addition of D-bee.

It boasts a skill named “Bullet Beats,” which increases the movement speed and accuracy of the players as they fire while moving. It is presently available in the Indian region as part of the top-up event, and users are required to purchase 100 diamonds to obtain it for free.

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Best Free Fire characters with passive abilities after the addition of D-bee

1) D-bee

D-bee in Free Fire
D-bee in Free Fire

Ability: Bullet Beats

D-bee can be considered as among the best characters with passive abilities. It can be flawlessly used in character combinations by users who prefer aggressive gameplay. At the base level, when the users are firing while moving, the increase in the movement speed and accuracy is 5% and 10%, respectively.

The percentages become 15% and 35% after the character is leveled up to 6.

2) Hayato

Hayato in Free Fire
Hayato in Free Fire

Ability: Bushido

Hayato is the next character on this list and is a fantastic choice for users. His skill, Bushido, increases the armor penetration by 7.5%, with every 10% decrease in the maximum health.

When the character is at the max level, the surge in the armor penetration becomes 10%.

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3) Jota

Jota in Free Fire
Jota in Free Fire

Ability: Sustained Raids

Jota was added to Free Fire after a collaboration with the popular actor “Joe Taslim.” The sustained Raids ability of this character grants the player 25 HP after each kill using a Shotgun or SMG.

The amount of health that the users gain at ability level 6 is 40. It should, however, be noted that there’s a cooldown of 5 seconds.

4) Moco

Moco in Free Fire
Moco in Free Fire

Ability: Hacker’s Eye

Hacker’s Eye ability of Moco tags the foe for 2 seconds after the user shoots them. The location is also shared with those of the teammates. The duration of the tag that the users give raises to 5 seconds once the character is at its maximum level.

Knowing the opponent’s location for a few seconds can do wonders and help them easily decide their next move.

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5) Jai

Jai in Free Fire
Jai in Free Fire

Ability: Raging Reload

Jai is the in-game persona of Hrithik Roshan, and his skill automatically reloads the gun by 30% of its capacity after the user knocks down an opponent. The amount surges to 45% at character level 6, which is the maximum one.

However, this skill of Jai is limited to only the weapons of the AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG categories.

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