5 burning questions about GTA 5 that players think about

Almost eight years after its original release, there are still several unanswered questions about GTA 5.

Perhaps most of these will remain unsolved, such as what happened in a character’s past. Nonetheless, it’s a fun little thought experiment. Fans still theorize about the events of GTA 5. It’s not just what took place in the past, either. There are several current mysteries that lurk in the shadows.

With only a trail of breadcrumbs left behind by the development team, fans were left to speculate. One can only guess what the protagonists were up to years prior, especially a hardened veteran like Michael. As it stands, GTA 5 leaves it up to the player’s imagination.

Five questions about GTA 5 that players want answers to

#5 – What Michael and Trevor did back in the day

What is known about Michael and Trevor is that they didn’t grow up in ideal conditions. They both dealt with abusive parents and poor living conditions. No doubt they turned to a criminal life to get out of their current one.

Fans often wondered what Michael and Trevor were doing before they met each other. All that is known about Michael is that he was in prison a few times while he once robbed a small business out of $10,000. Meanwhile, Trevor drifted among various states, killing animals and humans along the way.

Michael and Trevor did eventually work together from the early 90’s to the early 00’s. However, Trevor’s impulsive tendencies caused friction between them, as they were constantly on the run from law enforcement.

#4 – What kind of gangster Franklin used to be

Back in the day, Franklin used to have ties to The Families, a relatively notable gang in Los Santos. He was a small-time street hustler who got into a lot of trouble with his best friend Lamar. Anything else known about his early days came from in-game conversations during missions.

Eventually, Franklin wanted to get out of the streets and make something of himself. After a release from prison, he decided to change his act. However, several of his friends accuse him of being overly ambitious and turning his back on those who made him.

Fans would love to know how much Franklin has changed over the years. There was a lot of pent-up anger and frustration back then, which is a direct contrast to his cool level-headed self.

#3 – How Floyd and Debra died in Hang Ten

Debra never liked Trevor much to begin with, much less her current boyfriend Floyd. After the psychotic maniac uses Floyd’s apartment to plan a heist, Debra is fed up with everything. A standoff happens in the mission Hang Ten – Debra has a gun, Floyd has a knife, and Trevor is unarmed.

Obviously, Trevor survived the encounter. However, it happened off-screen, leading to wild speculation as to how it went down. Given Trevor leaves with blood on himself, most GTA fans think he was responsible for the murders.

GTA radio news does provide clues as to what happened. It says a man was shot in the head while a woman was stabbed to death. Perhaps Floyd and Debra killed each other, or Trevor only killed Debra after Floyd was done for.

#2 – The depths of the ocean and what lurks there

Thanks to submarines and scuba diving gear, GTA 5 players can explore the depths of the deep sea. Inevitably, there is a ton of speculation as to what lurks in the depths. Many players fill in the blanks for themselves, such as strange creatures. However, most of it is conjecture.

Interestingly, there is an underwater hatch at the very bottom of the GTA 5 map. Players are unable to get too close to it since they will automatically drown if they are below a certain threshold. What’s inside the hatch is still a major source of conspiracy.

The Cayo Perico heist also suggests the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. Whether it’s meant to be taken seriously or it’s just a reference is unknown.

#1 – The existence of extraterrestrial life

Aliens are one of life’s biggest mysteries. The GTA series is no different – these mysterious creatures show up in Michael’s hallucinated mind after he takes drugs in Grass Roots. However, UFOs can also be sighted.

The Mount Chiliad drawing is a great point of interest for conspiracy theorists. Several characters in the desert, such as the eccentric hippy Omega, suggest there is more than meets the eye in GTA 5.

GTA Online has a random event where players can witness a UFO crash in the desert. To unlock this, however, they need to complete 600 supply runs for gunrunning. They also need to start a new supply run between 9:00-11:00pm.

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